Ukrainian Troops Trained By UK To Use New Anti-Tank Weapons - Defense Ministry

Ukrainian Troops Trained by UK to Use New Anti-Tank Weapons - Defense Ministry

KIEV (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th January, 2022) British military advisers are training the Ukrainian army to use the recently-delivered advanced anti-tank missile systems NLAW, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's information agency Armiya Inform said on Tuesday.

On January 17, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the UK will deliver a number of NLAWs to Ukraine and will provide personnel to train Ukrainian soldiers on how to handle the weapons. The systems were delivered by the UK Royal Air Force on January 17-18, accompanied by a training team consisting of 10-20 soldiers.

"The training of the Ukrainian military on use of the next-generation anti-tank missile systems NLAW, recently delivered by the UK government to support the Ukrainian armed forces, began today at the 184th Training Center of the Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy," the message read.

According to the message, the UK military advisers were dispatched to Ukraine under Operation Orbital of 2015.

The academy's head, Lieutenant General Pavlo Tkachuk, said that Ukrainian officers will soon be able to train soldiers themselves. He thanked the British government and military advisers for their support, the statement read.

Operation Orbital was launched by the UK in 2015 to provide guidance and training to the Ukrainian armed forces. So far, 21,000 Ukrainian military personnel have been trained under the initiative. The UK has also delivered $3 million of non-lethal military equipment and made the first supply of lethal weaponry to Ukraine under the initiative in 2022.