UN Chief Calls For Restoring Trust As People Lose Faith In Governments, Values

UN Chief Calls for Restoring Trust as People Lose Faith in Governments, Values

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 21st September, 2021) UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on Tuesday for measures to restore trust, as people keep losing faith in governments and core values, such as peace and human rights, since he believes it provides oxygen for conspiracy theories.

"The people we serve and represent may lose faith not only in their governments and institutions but in the values that have animated the work of the United Nations for over 75 years. Peace. Human rights. Dignity for all. Equality. Justice. Solidarity ... Promises, after all, are worthless if people do not see results in their daily lives. Failure to deliver creates space for some of the darkest impulses of humanity.

It provides oxygen for easy-fixes, pseudo-solutions and conspiracy theories," Guterres said in his address at the UN General Assembly.

Most vulnerable groups, including refugees and migrants, are targeted, the UN chief continued.

"Now is the time to deliver. Now is the time to restore trust ... The problems we have created are problems we can solve," Guterres added.

The secretary general emphasized the need for the UN to be "fit for a new era," noting that the recently announced Common Agenda "provides a 360 degree analysis of the state of our world, with 90 specific recommendations that take on the challenges of today and strengthen multilateralism for tomorrow."