UPDATE - Daily Increase In COVID Cases In Turkey Tops 25,000 First Time In 3 Months - Ministry

UPDATE - Daily Increase in COVID Cases in Turkey Tops 25,000 First Time in 3 Months - Ministry

ANKARA (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 05th August, 2021) The daily increase in registered cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Turkey was 26,822 on Wednesday - the maximum since May 4, the country's Health Ministry said in a statement.

The daily increase in the COVID-19 incidence on April 16 in Turkey showed a maximum since the beginning of the pandemic, amounting to 63,082 cases, after which it began to gradually decline. In June - the first half of July, it stabilized at the level of 5,000-7,000, but from mid-July it began to increase again.

"Today, 262,048 tests were done, 26,822 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded, 122 people died," the statement said.

In January, Turkey began vaccination against coronavirus with the CoronaVac vaccine by Chinese company Sinovac Biotech; since March, the country has also used the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. At the end of April, Turkey allowed the emergency use of Russia's Sputnik V. According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, more than 41 million citizens received the first dose of coronavirus vaccines in the country, and over 27 million got both shots.

Russia's coronavirus response center decided to resume flights between Russia and Turkey in the second half of June. From June 22, regular and charter flights began to operate from Russia to Turkey.