UPDATE - Russian Upper House Will React To Participation Of Foreigners In Moscow Rallies - Lawmaker

UPDATE - Russian Upper House Will React to Participation of Foreigners in Moscow Rallies - Lawmaker

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 12th August, 2019) The Russian Federation Council's Commission for the Protection of State Sovereignty will react to the participation of foreigners in political rallies in Moscow, the commission's chairman Andrei Klimov said on Monday.

"Moscow is not Kiev's Maidan, and the Russian senators' commission will not ignore the 'dancing' and 'walking' of foreigners at political protests in the Russian capital," Klimov wrote in his blog on the website of the parliament's upper house.

He noted that attempts at foreign intervention in Russia's internal affairs continue, including those during the campaign for the Moscow city elections.

The lawmaker recalled that the commission had already decided to invite to one of its meetings the ambassadors of some countries that it believed were conducting unacceptable propaganda activities, and training and financing participants of illegal actions in Russia.

Klimov also reproached popular Russian rapper Oxxxymiron, who reportedly has UK citizenship, for joining the most recent protest rally in Moscow.

"So, rapper Oxxxymiron, also known as Miron Fedorov, who was seen at a protest rally on August 10, spent most of his 34-year life in Western Europe (mainly in the United Kingdom). Now he 'suddenly' decided to fight for the rights of Moscow City Duma candidates and to use his popularity for attracting people to the mass protests in Sakharov Square," the senator wrote.

This is not the first time the commission pays attention to the behavior of persons with dual citizenship at Russian political events, he added.

During the commission's meeting last week, its members discussed the activities of US government-affiliated websites that were publishing information about the unauthorized protests in Moscow. According to the commission, it indicated that Washington was trying to agitate anti-government protests in Russia's capital.

Following mass protests in Moscow over the city authorities' refusal to accept the applications of nearly 60 candidates to run for the city legislature, several party leaders suggested forming a working group to investigate possible foreign meddling in Russia's elections. On Wednesday, Russia's Committee on Security and Corruption Control said it would request information from law enforcement agencies on any alleged foreign interference in Russia's political affairs.

Unauthorized rallies, organized by the opposition, took place in downtown Moscow on July 27 and August 3, with protesters taking to the streets to support independent nominees who have been disqualified from running in the election, which is scheduled for September 8.

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