UPDATE - Total Of 1,000 Israeli Police Officers To Monitor Enforcement Of COVID-19 Lockdown

UPDATE - Total of 1,000 Israeli Police Officers to Monitor Enforcement of COVID-19 Lockdown

TEL AVIV (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 16th September, 2020) A total of 1,000 Israeli police officers will monitor the compliance with the total quarantine regime imposed to tackle the spread of COVID-19, police spokesman Mikhail Zingerman told Sputnik, adding that there will be fines for those people who blatantly violate it.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the introduction of the full lockdown starting from September 18 for three weeks coinciding with a period of Jewish holidays, as a count of COVID-19 cases in Israel continues to soar.

In line with the government's order, schools, kindergartens and nurseries in Israel will be closed starting from Thursday, one day before the total quarantine.

"It would be similar to what happened in the first lockdown [in the spring of 2020]. One thousand police officers - mainly on a geographical basis - will be engaged to perform this task," Zingerman said.

Restrictions will be applied to those individuals who violate it, Zingerman added, noting that flagrant cases will be sanctioned with penalties. According to the spokesman, the work will be generally focused on outreach activities and the citizens' situational awareness.

The amount of the fine provided for the lack of a medical mask is 500 shekels (around $145) and for exceeding the maximum number of people in one place, as well as for leaving a house for over 500 meters, - 1,000 shekels, the spokesman said. Besides that, there will be police posts between cities and it will be allowed to reach a work place with a permit.

To date, Israeli health officials have confirmed over 164,000 cases of the coronavirus disease, with more than 120, 000 recoveries and 1,147 deaths.