US Ambassador To Russia Confirms US Has No Plans To Deploy Missiles In Europe

US Ambassador to Russia Confirms US Has No Plans to Deploy Missiles in Europe

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th August, 2019) The United States has no plans to deploy intermediate-range and shorter-range ballistic missiles in Europe, since if Washington feels the need to deploy such weapons it is more likely to choose the Asia-Pacific region, outgoing US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman said on Wednesday in an interview with Echo of Moscow radio station.

Huntsman intends to resign on October 3 after two years in office.

"There have been many bogus stories about it, but I haven't heard anything definite.

By the way, this topic has not been raised at meetings with the Russian leadership. There is always a threat, and the United States is always to blame. But if I'm not mistaken, our new defense minister said this week that if there was a need in systems of this class, they were more likely to be deployed at the first island chain in the Asia-Pacific region, not in Europe," Huntsman said, when asked whether the United States planned to deploy new ballistic missiles in Europe.

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