US Condemns Cuba's Decision To Ban Protests Planned For November - State Department

US Condemns Cuba's Decision to Ban Protests Planned For November - State Department

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 17th October, 2021) The United States condemns the decision of the Cuban authorities not to allow any anti-government protests on November 15, US State Department Spokesperson Ned price says.

"The Cuban regime's denial comes after it announced its intent to position troops on the Cuban streets from November 18-20 to intimidate Cubans and quash the previously-scheduled, nationwide peaceful protests. These latest moves add to the repressive response to the July 11 protests that people in Cuba and around the world witnessed," Price said on Saturday.

Anti-government protests were initially planned in Cuba for November 20, but since that day was declared "National Defense Day," the date was moved to November 15.

However, on Tuesday, Old Havana's Intendant Alexis Acosta denied authorization for the protests, saying that the initiative seeks to destabilize the country.

"The United States strongly condemns the Cuban regime's decision to deny permission for peaceful protests to take place on November 15," Price said in his Saturday statement.

Cubans took to the streets in July in what were the largest protests since 1994, fueled by dissatisfaction with power outages and shortages of basic goods and vaccines against the novel coronavirus. The Cuban government deployed security forces across the country and halted communications, including the internet, while its supporters engaged in counter demonstrations.