US Could Destroy Iranian Missiles Bound For Venezuela - Envoy Abrams

US Could Destroy Iranian Missiles Bound for Venezuela - Envoy Abrams

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th October, 2020) The United States will try to destroy Iranian long-range missiles bound for Venezuela, US Special Representative Elliott Abrams said on Monday.

"We will make every effort to stop [Iranian] shipments of long-range missiles, and if somehow they get to Venezuela they will be eliminated there," the official told Fox news.

He said the transfer is unacceptable and would not be "tolerated or permitted."

The sale comes after the United Nations arms embargo on Iran expired last Sunday.

The United States proposed prolonging the arms sale embargo at the UN Security Council on August 14, 2020, but the proposition was declined by the majority of the member states.

Iranian Defense Minister Mohammad Amir Khatami has said that with arms embargo lifted, Tehran plans to sell more military products than purchase them.