US, Iran Declare Readiness To Return To JCPOA, No Direct Clashes In Vienna - Russian Envoy

US, Iran Declare Readiness to Return to JCPOA, No Direct Clashes in Vienna - Russian Envoy

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 07th April, 2021) The United States and Iran declare that both sides are ready to return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on the Iranian nuclear program, there are no direct clashes at the Vienna talks, Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia's permanent representative to international organizations in Vienna, said on Tuesday.

Ulyanov, who leads Russia's delegation at the talks, recalled that the task of the Vienna talks was to fully resume the nuclear deal.

"Both the Iranians and the Americans say that they are ready for this. I do not observe any sharp 'exchange of pleasantries,' although, of course, the Iranians are very critical of the United States, but there are definitely no direct clashes, at least because they do not communicate with each other. The Iranians have definitely decided that there can be no contacts with the United States," Ulyanov told the Rossiya 24 broadcaster.

At the same time, Ulyanov noted that Russia was ready to mediate between the United States and Iran in negotiations on the nuclear deal.

"In JCPOA, the role of coordinator is traditionally played by the common foreign policy service of the European Union, which tries to cope with its responsibilities fairly impartially, therefore, representatives of the European Union will play the role of a key contact person in shuttle contacts between the Iranians and the Americans.

But Russia can also be involved, like any other a party to the agreement," he explained.

Direct contacts between the United States and Iran on the JCPOA are possible once Tehran is ready for this, this stage has not come yet, Ulyanov said.

"I think that they [direct contacts] can resume once the Iranian side is ready for this, but I cannot speak for the Iranians. In principle, probably, if tangible progress is made, if there is at least minimal mutual trust, maybe the Iranians will change their minds," he said.

"Of course, direct contacts are more productive, but we have not yet reached this stage," the permanent representative added.

The in-person meeting of the Joint Commission of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iranian nuclear program was held in Vienna on Tuesday.