US Offered North Korea To Conduct Summit In Vietnam In Mid-February - Reports


US Offered North Korea to Conduct Summit in Vietnam in Mid-February - Reports

TOKYO (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 13th January, 2019) US administration has offered North Korea to hold the next meeting of the two countries' leaders in Vietnam in mid-February, Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reported on Sunday.

North Korea is currently considering this proposal, the publication said, referring to sources in US, South Korean and Japanese diplomatic circles.

No official response has yet been received, it added.

The first ever US-North Korean summit was held in Singapore on June 12. Following the meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un confirmed his intention to denuclearize, and US President Donald Trump pledged to provide security guarantees to Pyongyang.

Since then, Pyongyang has been waiting for Washington to fulfill the agreements reached, and the US administration is unhappy about the lack of new steps by the DPRK on nuclear disarmament.

The parties have already begun to discuss the second summit, but no specific results have been achieved yet. Trump's top security aide John Bolton said in December that Washington intended to hold it in January or February. At the same time, he noted that US administration did not plan to lift sanctions against Pyongyang.

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