US Senator Says Expects Quick, Bipartisan Cooperation To Pass $33Bln Ukraine Aid Request

US Senator Says Expects Quick, Bipartisan Cooperation to Pass $33Bln Ukraine Aid Request

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 03rd May, 2022) US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he expects lawmakers to work quickly and with bipartisan support to approve President Joe Biden's request for $33 billion in assistance for Ukraine.

"I expect both sides to work quickly, decisively, and with bipartisan cooperation to get this aid out the door and on to the President's desk," Schumer said during remarks on the Senate floor on Monday.

Biden asked Congress for $33 billion in emergency supplemental funding to support Ukraine, including $20 billion for military assistance. The request comes on top of about $4 billion in military aid the Biden administration has already committed to Ukraine, $3.

4 billion of which came after Russia launched its military operation in late February.

Schumer also said he will work to include a provision that would allow the US Federal government to liquidate assets the United States seized from Russian businessmen, such as their yachts, mansions, private jets, art collections and more.

Last week, the US House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a similar bill that urges Biden to seize and sell assets from designated Russian businessmen in order to use that money to fund Ukraine's needs.