US State Department Says Iran Tries To Accelerate Nuclear Program To Get Edge In Vienna

US State Department Says Iran Tries to Accelerate Nuclear Program to Get Edge in Vienna

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 05th December, 2021) The United States accuses Iran of accelerating its nuclear program and thinks that to be an attempt to have a better position during the Vienna talks, a State Department official said on Saturday

The official stated that Iran's "latest provocation, as reported by the IAEA only on Wednesday, i.e.

while we are still in the middle of talks, was to prepare for the doubling of their production capacity of 20%-enriched uranium at Fordo," the official told reporters.

"I think, at a minimum, they believe they could accumulate more enriched uranium ... use more grand centrifuges as leverage for a deal that they think they could extract more from us," the official said, adding that this negotiating tactic will not work.