US To Allow Lawsuits Over Confiscated Properties In Cuba - Administration Official


US to Allow Lawsuits Over Confiscated Properties in Cuba - Administration Official

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 17th April, 2019) The Trump administration will end an Obama-era suspension of a US law that allows Americans to file lawsuits against Cuban companies and subsidiaries that benefited from properties confiscated by the Cuban government, a senior US administration told reporters on Tuesday.

"Over 20 years of waivers for Title III [of the Libertad Act] will no longer be available," the official said, as quoted by the Miami Herald newspaper.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton will make the official announcement on Wednesday during a speech to the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association in Miami, the report said.

Every US president since 1996 has suspended a portion of the Helms-Burton Act, or Libertad Act, that would allow US citizens with property claims in Cuba to sue businesses and entities doing business in the Latin American country.

The Trump administration's decision to allow lawsuits against Cuban entities comes as the United States steps up pressure on Cuba over its support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

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