Uzbek Soldiers Arrive In Tajikistan For Joint Drills Near Afghan Border - Russian Military

Uzbek Soldiers Arrive in Tajikistan for Joint Drills Near Afghan Border - Russian Military

YEKATERINBURG (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 01st August, 2021) Approximately 200 Uzbek soldiers have arrived in Tajikistan to participate in a trilateral military exercise near the Afghan border, Russia's Central Military District said on Sunday.

"About 200 soldiers from Uzbekistan have arrived at the Kharb-Maydon training ground to participate in the joint drills of the Russian, Uzbek and Tajik armed forces, which will take place from August 5-10 at the Kharb-Maydon training ground in the Republic of Tajikistan," the military district said in a statement.

The troops will practice busting a hypothetical illegal armed group that illegally crossed the border.

Violent clashes and terrorist attacks continue to ravage Afghanistan despite ongoing peace talks between the government and the Taliban (a terrorist group, outlawed in Russia) in the Qatari capital of Doha. The continuing fighting affected the Afghan-Tajik border, with dozens of Afghan border troops being pushed out by the militants into the neighboring country.