Venezuelan Security Forces Detain 3 Colombian Militants In Caracas Raid

Venezuelan Security Forces Detain 3 Colombian Militants in Caracas Raid

CARACAS (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 11th July, 2021) Venezuelan security forces detained three Colombian militants and seized a huge arsenal of foreign-made weapons during a three-day operation in Caracas, the vice president said Saturday.

"We captured three Colombian militants and confiscated weapons used by US and Colombian armed forces," Delcy Rodriguez told a news conference.

Interior Minister Carmen Melendez said four national guard and police officers were killed during the operation, dubbed Great Indian Chief Guaicaipuro.

Clashes between security forces and gangs began in the western Caracas neighborhoods on Wednesday night.

Rodriguez said that gang leaders were found to be hoarding food supplies that had been distributed among the poor under the state food security scheme. She said gangs were being financed by the right-wing opposition.