Violence Closes Main Rio De Janeiro Highways


Violence closes main Rio de Janeiro highways

Rio de Janeiro, Feb 6 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News, app - 07th Feb, 2018 ) :The three main arteries in Rio de Janeiro's road system were briefly closed Tuesday when residents of an impoverished neighborhood protested in the wake of clashes that reportedly killed a local boy.

Police entered the dangerous Mare favela slum following unconfirmed reports of officers being taken hostage. During clashes with heavily armed drug traffickers, police shot dead a 13-year-old boy, local media and human rights organizations reported.

The violence spilled over onto huge highways bordering the area: Avenida Brasil, Linha Vermelha and Linha Amarela.

Live footage on Globo News television showed impromptu barriers of rocks and burning garbage erected by locals to block traffic.

Drivers also faced the danger of stray bullets from firefights between police and traffickers. About 130,000-140,000 people live in the Mare district, which comprises numerous favelas. According to a study by the Organization of Non-Governmental Networks of Mare, there were 42 people killed during shootouts in Mare in 2017, or about one every nine days.

Another 57 people were wounded there during operations by police or clashes between drug gangs, the survey found.

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