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Roza Kholne Ki Dua

Roza Kholne Ki Dua

Roza Kholne ki Dua is also known as “Iftar Dua”. All the Muslims who fast must recite the Iftar Dua while breaking their fast. Roza Kholne ki Dua is a gift from our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Iftar Dua has many benefits. If someone comes to know that what is the deep meaning and importance of the Iftar Dua, then all the Muslims will wish to have the Ramadan month come again and again. 

The Muslims who fast just for the sake of Allah Almighty will get rewards, blessings, mercy, and many other benefits from Allah Azzawajal. At the time of Iftar, all the Muslims thank Allah Almighty for giving them the chance to fast in this Ramadan month full of blessings.

Iftar Dua

The Dua for breaking the fast in Ramadan that Muslims recite at Iftar time with Tarjuma is given below. Many Muslims in different countries also call the Iftar Dua the “Aftari ki Dua”.

(جاری ہے)

اللَّهُمَّ اِنِّى لَكَ صُمْتُ وَبِكَ امنْتُ [وَعَلَيْكَ تَوَكَّلْتُ] وَعَلَى رِزْقِكَ اَفْطَرْتُ

Oh Allah, I fasted for You, and I believe in You, and I break my fast with Your sustenance.

Muslims should learn this Dua and must recite it when they break their fast. The Iftar Dua is not compulsory to recite at the time of Iftar. It is just a sunnah. But your intention is very important for completing the fast and opening it at the time of Azan-e-Maghrib. 

Benefits of Roza Kholne ki Dua

In the Roza Kholne ki Dua, there are many hidden blessings and benefits. After reciting the Iftar Dua, the Iftar that Muslims had is the best and healthy meal or food in the world. No one can compare this meal with any other thing, and the Iftar meal contains a lot of energy. 

When Muslims are having fast, they leave their bad habits; they stop eating and drinking just for the sake of Allah Azzawajal. They also skip movies and stop listening to songs. The time that they have when they leave all these things, they spend it on offering prayers and on reciting Quran Pak. Allah Almighty gives them a big reward, blessings, and mercy when they do all these things.

When Muslims fast, they become more active mentally and physically also. The month of Ramadan is a gift and an opportunity from Allah Almighty. Make more and more Dua’s at the time of Iftar because it is the best time for Dua for a Muslim who’s fasting, and Allah will surely give them what they want. In Iftar Dua, always ask Allah for forgiveness, Allah’s blessings, and Allah’s love.

Sadqah at the time of Iftar

Giving sadaqah is a very important and good deed for Muslims who fast in Ramadan. Sadaqah is for the purification of our soul from toxins. Sadaqah can be in any form such as the money you give to the needy person, giving a bit of good advice to someone is also a sadqah, helping someone in the time of difficulty is also a kind of sadaqah, taking care of any animal, and many other forms in which you can give sadaqah to anyone.

When you give sadaqah to someone at the time of Iftar and share your meal with someone needy, Allah will provide you with the highest reward.    

Mouth smell

The mouth smell of a person who fast is better than the smell of musk. Allah said that “I love the smell of the mouth of the Muslims who fast for me”. 

Iftar Dua in English

Mostly all the Dua’s are in the Arabic language, but UrduPoint is also providing you the Iftar Dua in English so that you can understand it easily. 

“Allahumma inni laka sumtu wa bika aamantu [wa ‘alayka tawakkaltu] wa ‘ala rizq-ika aftarth”.

Meaning: Ay Allah! mene Tere khatir Roza rkha or Tere upper emaan laya or Tjh par bharosa kia or Tere diye howy rizq sy khol rha hun.

When Muslims leave all the bad things for the sake of Allah, then Allah Azzawajal has also given them a big reward. In return for these sacrifices, Allah Almighty protects Muslims from all difficulties and hurdles that came in their life.

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