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Eid ul Fitr in Seychelles

Eid ul Fitr Date in Seychelles. Celebrate Eid al-Fitr 2023 in Seychelles by knowing the exact dates according to the moon. Find Gregorian dates of عید الفطر in Seychelles online.

Eid ul Fitar is very important event for Muslims, at the end of holy month of Ramadan it is celebrated worldwide. The first day of Islamic month of Shawwal is the Eid day for Muslims. The dates of Eid al Fitr are dependent on the the new moon is sighted by local religious authorities in every country. On Eid day, muslims offer Namaz e Eid in the morning, after that they celebrate this day with their family and friends. Special sweets and food is prepared on this day. Muslims also wear new clothes on the Eid day. Girls celebrate it by putting Hena on their hands. Gifts are distributed among the family members and poors. Also people remember their deceased relatives and friends on this day by visiting their graves.

Find the accurate date of Eid ul Fitar in Seychelles on this date, as we update the dates according to the moon sight in Seychelles.