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Badee-Uz-Zaman MP3 Audio Naat by Junaid Jamshed

Listen to Badee-Uz-Zaman MP3 Naat in the melodious voice of Junaid Jamshed. Audio Badee-Uz-Zaman is now available at UrduPoint. You can listen to Badee-Uz-Zaman Online for free. Also, you can download your favorite Naat Badee-Uz-Zaman on any of your devices to listen anytime. You can also find other famous Naats here for free.

Naat is a type of poetry in which Islamic peoples use to praise the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Among all languages, Arabic Naats are the most popular ones. You can also listen to Arabic Naats at UrduPoint. Naat is a most beautiful and well-known practice for praising Muhammad in south Asia and other Islamic countries. In South Asia, Urdu Naats are most popular. One of the famous Naats of all times is Badee-Uz-Zaman.

Naats are written and praised in different languages like Urdu, Punjabi, English, Bengali, and Arabic. The person who recites the Naats are known as Naat Khawan or Sana Khawan. People use to praise the Nabi Muhammad in the form of Naat poetry.

Badee-Uz-Zaman MP3 is listened to by every Islamic person because it's a heart-touching feeling. Here at UrduPoint, you can listen to Badee-Uz-Zaman MP3 in the melodious voice of Junaid Jamshed. Listen to Badee-Uz-Zaman online or download Badee-Uz-Zaman on your device.

Badee-Uz-Zaman was sung by Junaid Jamshed. Since that time, Badee-Uz-Zaman is famous worldwide. People love to listen to Badee-Uz-Zaman to show love and affection to Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

You can also find here other Naats of your choice; find them below. You will also find here more audio Naats in the melodious voice of Junaid Jamshed. Listen to audio Naats on UrduPoint and enlighten your heart with the love of beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.

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