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Srinagar Ramadan Timing 2024 Calendar - Sehri and Iftar Timetable

Ramadan calendar 2024 Srinagar depends on today Sehri timing Srinagar and today iftar timing Srinagar for the complete month of Ramadan. Ramadan 2024 starts on Mar 12, 2024 and ends on Apr 09, 2024 in Srinagar. You can see the daily Sehri timing in Srinagar and iftar time Srinagar in Ramzan at UrduPoint. However, today Sehri timing in Srinagar is 03:55 AM, and today iftar timing Srinagar is 07:48 PM as on Jul 20, 2024 (13th Muharram 1446).

Sehri and Iftar Timing in Srinagar Today

Jul 20, 2024 03:55 AM 07:48 PM

Sehri timing in Srinagar today, on Jul 20, 2024 (13th Muharram 1446), is 03:55 AM and Iftar timing in Srinagar today is 07:48 PM for Fiqa-e-Hanafia; Sehri time today in Srinagar is 03:45 AM and today Srinagar Iftar timing is 07:58 PM for Fiqa-e Jafria.

Calculation Method : Islamic University, Karachi

Shia Ramadan Timings in Srinagar

Ramadan Calendar 2024 Srinagar Download

The table below is the Srinagar Ramadan Calendar 2024. You can see the Sehri timing in Srinagar and iftar timing in Srinagar from the first to the last Roza. The Hijri and Gregorian calendar dates are also given in the following Ramadan schedule Srinagar so you can know the Srinagar Ramadan timings.

We tried our best to bring you the authentic Srinagar Ramadan timings for 2024, but remember that there is a 01 minute preventive difference between the Sehr and Iftar times. You should consult your nearest mosque for the exact time for Srinagar Sehr o Iftar Timings for better results.

Roza Date Sehr Iftaar
1 12 March 2024 05:21 AM 06:43 PM
2 13 March 2024 05:20 AM 06:44 PM
3 14 March 2024 05:19 AM 06:45 PM
4 15 March 2024 05:17 AM 06:45 PM
5 16 March 2024 05:16 AM 06:46 PM
6 17 March 2024 05:14 AM 06:47 PM
7 18 March 2024 05:13 AM 06:48 PM
8 19 March 2024 05:12 AM 06:49 PM
9 20 March 2024 05:10 AM 06:49 PM
10 21 March 2024 05:09 AM 06:50 PM
11 22 March 2024 05:07 AM 06:51 PM
12 23 March 2024 05:06 AM 06:52 PM
13 24 March 2024 05:04 AM 06:52 PM
14 25 March 2024 05:03 AM 06:53 PM
15 26 March 2024 05:01 AM 06:54 PM
16 27 March 2024 05:00 AM 06:55 PM
17 28 March 2024 04:58 AM 06:55 PM
18 29 March 2024 04:57 AM 06:56 PM
19 30 March 2024 04:55 AM 06:57 PM
20 31 March 2024 04:54 AM 06:58 PM
21 01 April 2024 04:52 AM 06:58 PM
22 02 April 2024 04:51 AM 06:59 PM
23 03 April 2024 04:49 AM 07:00 PM
24 04 April 2024 04:48 AM 07:01 PM
25 05 April 2024 04:46 AM 07:02 PM
26 06 April 2024 04:45 AM 07:02 PM
27 07 April 2024 04:43 AM 07:03 PM
28 08 April 2024 04:42 AM 07:04 PM
29 09 April 2024 04:40 AM 07:05 PM

Srinagar Ramadan Timing 2024 Calendar

If you are fasting this year in Srinagar and want to remain on point while starting and breaking your fast, UrduPoint's Sehar o Iftar timings are there for Srinagar Ramadan timing. With UrduPoint Ramzan timing of Srinagar city, you can have easy access to the most precise Srinagar Sehri timings and Srinagar iftari timings.

The Srinagar Ramadan Calendar will show you Srinagar sehr o iftar timings daily for the whole fasting month of Ramadan, while Srinagar sunset and Srinagar sunrise timings can also be accessed via UrduPoint Srinagar Sehri and Iftari timings.

Moreover, Srinagar Roza timing 2024 according to various sects of Muslims can also be observed here. Whether you belong to Fiqa Hanafi Sunni سنی or Fiqa Jafria Shia شیعہ sect of Muslims, you can get the right Sehr o Iftar timings according to the Roza timing of Srinagar, India. So bookmark this page to get accurate Srinagar Fajr time and Srinagar Maghrib time.

The timing for the whole month of Ramadan for Srinagar city is here for you. This calendar brings you all the information for the starting time of Roza and the time you can have iftar in Srinagar.

Now you have the complete and accurate Srinagar Ramadan Calendar and the Timetable for the year 2024. Further, you can access the Sehr-o-Iftar for today in Srinagar, Jul 20, 2024. UrduPoint did its best to manage the Ramadan calendar for Srinagar city and Srinagar Roza timing 2024 for your convenience.

At what date is Ramadan starting in Srinagar?

The month of Ramadan is expected to start on Mar 12, 2024 in Srinagar, India.

At what date is Ramadan ending in Srinagar?

The month of Ramadan is expected to end on Apr 09, 2024 in Srinagar, India.

What is Ramadan Sehri and Aftari Time in Srinagar?

The Sehri time in Srinagar is when the Fajar Time starts, and Aftari time is when the Maghrib Prayer Time begins.

What is the end time for Sehri in Srinagar today?

The exact closing time for Sehri in Srinagar today is 03:55 AM.

Do you know the exact Aftari time in Srinagar?

The exact Aftari time in Srinagar today is 07:48 PM.

How long is Ramadan 2024?

Ramadan 2024 is expected to be 29 days long.

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