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Rain Of Summer,

Rain Of Summer, Snow Of Winter, Grace Of Autumn, Glory Of Spring, May Beauty Of Every Season, Give Ur Heart A Beautiful Reason ..

Tamannao Se Bhaari Ho Zindagee,

Tamannao Se Bhaari Ho Zindagee, Khwahishon Se Bhara Ho Har Pal, Daman Bhi Chota Lagne Lage, Itni Khushian De Apko Anain Wala Pal

When Things Go Wrong... When Sadness Fills Ur Heart... When Tears Flow In Ur Eyes...always Remember 3 Things 1---GOD 2---ur Parents 3---my Sincere

when things go wrong... when sadness fills ur heart... when tears flow in ur eyes...always remember 3 things 1---GOD 2---ur parents 3---my sincere ..

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Aasman Ka Chand Teri Bahon Me Ho

Aasman ka chand teri bahon me ho Tu jo chahe teri rahon me ho Har wo khwab ho pura jo teri ankhon me ho Khush Kismati ki hr Lakir tere hathon me ho

Nice The Moon Winks At U Tonight,

nice the moon winks at u tonight, I wish sweet dreams embrace you tight. Hope your day was quite all right now I bid u a lovely goodnight !

Happiness As Light As Air. Happiness As Light As Air.

Happiness as light as air. Happiness as light as air.LOVE as DEEP as OCEAN.Friends as solid as diamonds and success as bright as gold.These r my wishes ..

I Thought You Could Use Some Beauty

I thought you could use some beautyIn your life todaySo i’m sending you this greetingTo let you know that i’mThinking about youAnd sending some goos ..

“A Wellwisher Is Not 1 Who Meets U Everyday & Talk To U Everyday

“A Wellwisher is not 1 who meets U everyday & talk to U everydayWellwisher is 1 who may or may not meet U but always prays for Ur happiness”

As Rain Covers The Sun

As rain covers the sunTruth covers the liesAngels cover the evilFlowers cover the garden,I wish & pray that happiness covers all d worries of ur life.And ..

Allah’s Luv Has No Limit…..

Allah’s Luv has no limit…..Allah’s Grace has no measure……Allah’s Power has no boundaries..May U have Allah’s endles blessings today & ..

The HOPE, The STRUGGLE And The HARD WORK Towards A Goal/ Success Is Part Of The Rewards. Achieving

The HOPE, The STRUGGLE and The HARD WORK towards a goal/ success is part of the rewards. Achievinggoal itself is not the whole reward........ BEST WISHE

Ankho My Goror Hy

Ankho My Goror HyDil My Soror HyKoi Mangy Mera Number To Dena Zaror HyQ KMeri Shadi Abi Bohat Do0o0or Hy: ->(‘,’)>< )L L

Marriage Is Like Going To

Marriage is like going toa restaurant your choicefrom the menu,Andthen look at neighbourintable n wish you”d ordered that…

May You Always Find In Each Other The Love, Laughter And Happiness!

May you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness!A very warm congratulations on your wedding!

Plant The Seed Of Ambition

Plant The Seed Of AmbitionAnd Hard WorkToday And Reap The Fruit Of Success Tomorrow.We Wish You Good Luck For Your New JobAnd For The Many Achievements ..

As You Start This New Journey In Life, May Every Day Hold Wonderful Shared Experiences!

As you start this new journey in life, may every day hold wonderful shared experiences!Wish you a very joyous and blissful married life!

May Be It Will Not Be Easy.

May Be It Will Not Be Easy.But It Will Surely Be Worth It.Strive Hard And You Shall Succeed.Good Luck For Your Exam!

Beautiful Flowers Will Be

Beautiful flowers will be PLUCK i will gift you baby DUCKwhen you are hungry eat some RUSKi am wishing you very best of LUCK

The Heart Is On The Left But It's Always Right. Listen To It.

The heart is on the left but it's always right. Listen to it.Have a hearty weekend!

If Life Is A Game, I Wish You Game, Set And Match;

If life is a game, I wish you Game, Set and Match;If life is a journey, I wish you a walk on the rose petals;If life is a joy, I wish for you an eternal ..

With My 1 Heart…2 Eyes.

With my 1 Heart…2 eyes.With my1 Heart…2 eyes…5 litre blood…206 bones…1.2million Red Cells…60 trillion D.N.A.’s…I wish u “All the very ..

Tamannao Se Bhaari Ho Zindagee

Tamannao Se Bhaari Ho ZindageeKhwahishon Se Bhara Ho Har PalDaman Bhi Chota Lagne LageItni Khushian De Apko Anain Wala Pal

Never Say U R Happy When U R Sad

never say u r happy when u r sadnever say u r fine when u r not oknever say u feel good when u feel badnever say u r alone when I m still alivegood luck ..

Fresh Air? Fresh Idea?

Fresh air? fresh idea?fresh talent? fresh energy?i wish u to have aspecial Sunday..?marvelous Monday?tasty Tuesday?wonderful Wednesday?thankful Thursday?friendly ..

There Are Those Who Dream And Wish And There Are Those Who Dream And Work!

There are those who dream and wish and there are those who dream and work!Good Luck

You Prepared Well,

You prepared well,You know it all right,Just relax over the night.Morning will come and so will the testDon’t you worry; you just need a little rest.

As You March Towards The Mission,

As you march towards the mission,I wish for your victory.As you plunge into a deep trance of hard work,May you finish successfully.

Soon You Will Hear Your Wedding Bell,

Soon you will hear your wedding bell, As friends and family wish you well! Congrats!

Beautiful Days Are Soon To Come

Beautiful days are soon to comeWhen two lives become oneContent, bliss and happiness tooA very happy engagement day to you

Kahin To Likhta HoGa Woh Apney DiL Ki Chupi Baatein...!

Kahin To Likhta HoGa Woh Apney DiL Ki Chupi Baatein...!.Kahin To BeShumaar Lafz0' Mein Mera Naam Bhi Ho Ga...!?? dear y

Aaj Aapki Mangni Ka Din Hai

Aaj aapki mangni ka din haiDil se koi dua maang lijiyeApne pyar aur yaqeen ke saathYe nazuk rishta baandh lijiyeHappy Engagement.

Sending You Smiles For Every Moment Of Your Special Day…Have A Wonderful Time And A Very Happy Birthday!”

Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day…Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!”“Hope your special day brings you all that ..