Pappu Aam Bech Raha Tha..

Pappu Aam Bech Raha Tha..

Aadmi: Bhai Aam Kese De Rahy Ho??

Pappu: Pehly Tarazu Me Tol K Shopper Me Dalta Hun Aur
Paisay Le Leta Hun.. ;-)

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Love Letter

A Love Letter from BISCUIT MAKER Dear Marie, Today is Good Day, U r Anmol for me… But U have Crackjacked my Heart, Bcoz I have a Little Heart, Now ..

Beggar: 5 Rupaye Ka Sawaal Hai, Baba...

Beggar: 5 Rupaye ka Sawaal Hai, Baba...Santa: Puchho, Shayad Mujhe Aata Ho!

AGr ApKo AcHi PoeTrY Ki TalasH Ha To Ya Id Follow Kar Ke Dhak Lo...

AGr apKo AcHi PoeTrY Ki TalasH Ha To Ya Id Follow kar Ke Dhak Lo..._Follow @M_khan_PoetrySend to 40404

Husband To Wife: Did You Have Any Boyfriend Before Our Marriage?

Husband to wife: Did you have any boyfriend before our marriage?Wife remained silent for some time…Husband: mai es khamoshi ko kia samjhon??Wife: Abhy ..

Boy: I Am In Love With You, Totally...

Boy: I am in love with you, totally...Girl: Tu Totla! Tela Baap Totla!

Definition Of Laziness

DEFINITION OF LAZINESS: Its a talent of taking rest before you get tired because prevention is better than cure. :) Be lazy think crazy!

What Is Education

What is education? It is process of, wasting one fourth of your life, learning how to waste, the remaining three fourth…

3 Impossibilties..!

3 Impossibilties..!.1- Tum Apne Baal (Hair) Gin nai skte.2- Tum Apni Ankhen Soap se Wash nai kr skte.3- Tum Us Waqt Saans nai le skte jb Tumhari Zuban ..


Interviewer: Imagine that u r in room with all doors & windows closed & it caught fire, now how can u escape? Candidate: Very simple, I'll stop imagining.

1 Bikhari Mandir Ke Samne Katora Lekar Betha

1 bikhari Mandir ke samne katora lekar bethause kuch nahi mila bikhari Mashid ke samne bethaUse kuch nahi mila bikhari Church ke samne bethaUse kuch ..

Why Are Elephants

Why Are ElephantsLarge, Gray AndWrinkly… ?....Because...If They WereSmall Round & WhiteThey Would Be”Disprin” ;->

Mera DIL Gavaah Hai..

Mera DIL gavaah hai.."alarm band karane ke baad jitani achchhi neend aati hai.,utani achchhi neend to raat mein bhi nahi aati..!!"

Sardar Jee Ap Kitnay Behan Bhai Ho.

sardar jee ap kitnay behan bhai ho.sardar jee. 8ap ka numbar konsa ha.Zong ka.

Big And Great Poeple

One day a foreigner asked to an Indian : "Does any big and great poeple born in your country." Indian: No sir only small babies.

Bengali Boy Proposed A Girl:

Bengali Boy Proposed A Girl: Mohabbat Meri Sacchi Hai,, Ghar Per Roz Bany Macchi Hai..Bengali Girl Replied: Udi Baba! Ami Tomake Bhalo Bashi.. :-D

Friend 1: Bhai Aaj Facebook Ne Bachha Liya.

Friend 1: Bhai Aaj Facebook Ne Bachha Liya.Friend 2: Kaise?Friend 1: Aaj Meri Biwi Ka Birthday Tha!

Kon Kehta Hai K Mard Badal Jaty Hen.??

Kon Kehta Hai K Mard Badal Jaty Hen.??Mard Kabhi Nahi Badalty..Unhen Shadi Se Pehly Bhi Shadi Ka Shoq Hota Hai Aur Shadi K Baad Bhi Shadi Ka Shoq Hota ..

Rani Ne Buddu Raja Se Pocha

Rani ne buddu raja se pochaKia tm mere liye jaan de sakte hoTho buddu raja ne kaha han q naeTho aqalmand rani ne kaha q kia tm chahte ho ke main sari zindagi ..

Mathematics And Women R Similar

Mathematics and Women r similarasThey both are complicated but,Maths is better since it has Logic at least..;-)

When Girl Is 18 She's Ready 2

When girl is 18 she's ready 2 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? "VOTE" Kbhi "DESH" k bare me bhi soch Liya ..