Ek Admi Apni Murgi Bechny Gaya..

Ek Admi Apni Murgi Bechny Gaya..

Dukandar: Is Ka Sir Q Neechay Jhuka Hai.??

Admi: Ye Gaaun Ki Murgi Hai Is Liye Sharma Rahi Hai.. ;-)

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She: Kia Kerte Ho?

She: kia kerte ho? Me: CA She: waooo !! Chartered Accountant Me: Nai Pagli !! Complete araam ?? ??

Winning Arguement With Wife

Q: What is the next thing one should do after winning an argument with the wife ? . . . . . . . . . A: Apologise !!!

"If A Person Loves You

"If A Person Loves YouAlways Be Thankful To That PersonKnow Why ? ? ?B'coz There Maybe A Lot Of People Who Love That Person More Than YouBut That ..

Aurto Se Bhari Hui 1bus Palat Gyi, Sari Mar Gyin.

Aurto se bhari hui 1bus palat gyi, sari mar gyin.Sab k husband 1-1 ghanta roye par Santa 2 ghanta roya..Q?....................Q ksanta ki wife se bus miss ..

Pakistan Ke Har Gali Mein 3 Cheezain Zaroor Hote Hai

Pakistan ke har gali mein 3 cheezain zaroor hote hai Beauty Parlour Tutition waali baaji Phaddon wali aunty :P ;)

|| Jai Shri RAJNIKANT || Send Dis Msg To 9 Ppl Ul Pass

|| Jai Shri RAJNIKANT || Send dis msg to 9 ppl ul pass WIDOUT studyin. Once a P.Hd studnt ignord dis..His X th Result was changd to "FAIL"

Santa Leave His Job

'Why did Santa Singh leave his job?' 'Illness.' 'Anything serious?' 'Yes. The boss got sick of him.'

Pathan With Wife Went 2 London,

Pathan With Wife Went 2 London, in the hotel room, Pathan heard his Wife scream 'Chooha' .Pathan Ny Room Service Ko Phone Kiya,Aur Tooti Phooti English ..

Team Work

Our education system does not teach us team work, When we solve our tests in collaboration with others, they call it “copying”

PYAR Karne Se Pehle PYAR Ka Anjam Dekh Lo.

PYAR karne se pehle PYAR ka anjam dekh lo. PYAR karne se pehle PYAR ka anjam dekh lo. NA YAKIN aaye toh. Film (TERE NAAM) dekh lo..!



One Day,

One day, I Kicked lion's face I puld tigers tail I broke cheetas leg I threw elphants then TOY SHOP OWNER ..

Ultra Height Of Laziness

Ultra Height Of LazinessIs” Sleeping And Dreaming. . .And In Dream, Also SleepingAnd Dreaming AboutSleeping . . :-D :-D

People Like YOU Always Remain Forever

Beautiful flowers die…. Nice stories end…… Lovely songs fade…….. .. Momeries are forgotten… .. All things comes to end….. But people like ..

Ek Lahori Ka Beta Parhaai Me Bilkul Daffor Tha.

Ek Lahori Ka Beta Parhaai Me Bilkul Daffor Tha.Us ny Apny Baap Se Kaha:Abba, Me ny Agay Nai Parhna,Meri Shadi Kerwa Do.Baap:Puttar Teri Marzi,Ya Aenj Rul,Ya ..

Next Generation Kindergarten Poem:

Next generation Kindergarten poem:Chatting Chatting?Yes Papa!Girlfriend setting?No Papa!Telling lies?No Papa!Open your Whatsapp.Ha ha ha...

A New Element Added To PERIODIC TABLE :

A New Element added to PERIODIC TABLE :Name: GirlSymbol: GlAtomic weight: Don’t even dare to ask.Physical properties:1. Boils at any time,2. Melts when ..


Yahoooooo…….! Exams ki saari taiyaari ho gayi Pen Pencil Scale Eraser Sab Taiyyar hai BUS AB.. Padhna ..

Doctor Implants A New Ear To A Man.

Doctor implants a New Ear to a man.Man: You idiot, you gave me a woman’s earDoctor: It makes no differenceMan: It does,Now I hear everythingbut understand ..

The Human Brain Is Most Outstanding Thing.......

The human brain is most outstanding thing....... it functions 24hrs 365 days..... it functions right from the time u r Born....until you fall ..