Teachr: Tum Bade Ho Kr Kya Kroge?

Teachr: Tum bade ho kr kya kroge?
Santa: Shadi.
Teachr: Nahi, mera mtlab kya banoge?
Santa:”DADDY “

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Mother: Till What Time Have You Been Sleeping?

Mother: Till what time have you been sleeping?Kid: Till the time you didn't wake me up!

Ek Pthan' Khawaja Photo Studio Waly Ke Pas Gea, Aur Kehny Laga Yara Ek Tasveer Bna Do"

Ek Pthan' khawaja photo studio waly ke pas gea, aur kehny laga yara ek tasveer bna do"khawaja ask!Khan shb kia size rakhu"pthan khawaja sepasport ..


Alcohol contain female hormones. Proof: Men gain weight, talk unnecessarily, become extra emotional & stupid, start fighting without any reason.

Hamari Light To Ab Is Tarha Se Aati Hy FArAz

Hamari Light To Ab Is Tarha Se Aati Hy fArAzJaisey Shadi K Bad Beti Bap K Ghar Aati Hy(acha abbu mai chalti hon, subha unhen kaam pe bhi jana hy)

Sheikh: May Aaj Bus K Pche

Sheikh: May aaj Bus k pcheBhgta hua Ghr tk agya orkirye k 10 Rupe Bch gyeSrdar: Tm bewaqof hoRakshy k Pche Bhgta to 80Rupe Bch jty

SMS Means...

SmS dosnt mean "SHORT msgin SERVICE" It also means Share My Sweetness Search My Soul Seek My Sweetheart Succeed My Smarty See ME Smiling ..

Golden Words..

Golden Words... Girls Express Their FeelingsWith Ghussa And Tears,,...But.......Boys Express Their Feelings With"Sutta & Beers" :-p ;-)

Unbelievable Fact:

Unbelievable Fact:Many people do not know but you can actually watch a movie or go to a GYM without updating it on Facebook!

Santa Ne Challenge Kiya.....

Santa ne challenge kiya..... "Ki woh kutubminar ko sr pe rakh k mumbai le jayega"... Sare new channel wale waha pahuch gye.... ..

Teacher : U Failure !

Teacher : U failure !At tour age Bill gates stood first in the classStudent : Mind u, Sir,but at your age Hitler committed suicide

Raste Badal Dete Hen Mere

Raste Badal Dete Hen Mere Mulk ke Nojawaan..Agar Koi Ye Keh De K Aglay Chouk per Traffic Police Wala Khara Hai.. :-)

Laloo - Rabri Tum Meri CHAND Ho

Laloo - Rabri tum meri CHAND ho Rabri - Na ji hamko CHAND-VAND mat kahiye, Yeh sasura America wale roz chand par chadhte hai....................................short ..

Doctor Owr Allah Ko Khabi Naraz Mat Karna

Doctor owr Allah ko khabi naraz mat karnaKionke jab Allah naraz hota hai, tu wo Doctor ke pas bhej daita haiOwr jab Doctor naraz hota hai, tu wo Allah ..

A Santa Was Working 1st Time In A Garment Shop.

A Santa was working 1st time in a garment shop.A customer girl asked:Underwear dikhana plz.Santa thora sharmakar:G aaj nahi pehni.

Woman’s Ear

Doctor implants New Ear 2 a man Man:U fraud,U gave me a woman’s ear

Why Practice?

Practice makes a man perfect, but Nobody is perfect, then why practice?

Jaat Painting Kharidane Gaya…

Jaat Painting kharidane gaya… Dukaandaar: yah 20,000 rupaye ki hai. Oil paint se bani hui hai. jaat: paison ki chinta mat kar... desi ..

Aj Kal Ki Patni Ko Ye Smjh Nhi Ata

Aj Kal Ki Patni Ko Ye Smjh Nhi Ata Ki Kya Kre? Kharab Kamwali Mile To Khud Ko Kaam Krna Padta Hai, Agr Achi Mile To Pati Kaam ..

Sprite Pio.,

Sprite Pio.,Coke Pio.,7'up Pio.,Marinda Pio.,Pani Pio.,Aur Pio.,Pio,Pio,Q kMera kuch nai jaye ga.,.APKA hi rooza toote ga :-D

Engineering Student

A typical engineering student grabbed a coin, flipped it in d air n said "heads I go 2 sleep, tails I watch a movie, If it stands on d edge I'll study.........