A Psychology Report..

A Psychology Report..
When 2 Couples come face to face..??
Wives look at each other's SARIS
Husbands Look at each other's WIFE..

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Santa Travelling 1st Time In Plane

Santa Travelling 1st Time In PlaneGoing To Bombay While Landing He Shouted..'BOMBAY BOMBAY'Air Hostess: B-Silent Plz..Santa: 'OMBAY OMBAY'

Teacher To Student:

Teacher To Student: Can You Define Who Is LECTURER? Student : A LECTURER Is A Person Who Has A Very BadHabit Of Speaking When Someone Is SLeeping.

Jab Kutay Ke Mout Ati Hai..!!

Jab kutay ke mout ati hai..!!.....................Tu kuta mar jata hai..!!.Apko tu har bat mein twist chahie..!

Aaj Kal Logo Phone Ka Contact List Dekhakar Hi Dil Ghabara Jata Hai.

Aaj kal logo phone ka contact list dekhakar hi dil ghabara jata hai. "Mummy New" "Papa 2" "Wife Old" "Sasu ..

Argument Between British And India.

Argument Between British And India.British: We Spoiled Your Mother LandFor 200 Years..India: We Are SpoilingYour Mother Tongue Daily.. ;-p ;-)


“Maa” Maa Kya Hai? Ek Khubsurt Rishte Ka Nam, Maa K Dm Se Hi Kaynat Me Rang He, Ye Maa Hi He Jo Apne Bacho Ko Subha Uthati ..

Masjid Me Do Buzurg Bethy Thy..

Masjid me Do Buzurg Bethy thy..1st Buzurg: Aap Kis k Mureed hen??2nd Buzurg: Me Apny Peer-o-Murshid ka Naam aisy nahi le sakta, Pehly Wuzu kerun ga, Phir ..

How To Start Your Day With A Positive Outlook:

How to start your day with a positive outlook:1. Open a new file in your PC.2. Name it 'Boss'.3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN.4. Empty!

Pappu: Teacher! Teacher! Bunty Swallowed Two 5 Rupee Coins.

Pappu: Teacher! Teacher! Bunty swallowed two 5 rupee coins.Teacher: Now, why would he do that?Pappu: It was his lunch money!

Sacche Dost Ki Pehchan..

Sacche Dost Ki Pehchan..Ek Sacha Dost wohi hai jo Aapka Pehla Aansu Ponch le,Doosra Aansu Rok le,Aur Ager Teesra Aansu Aaye to Zor se 1 ThappedMaare our ..

Sms Krenge Tmhe Bhari Bhari,

Sms krenge tmhe bhari bhari, Ye rasam lagati hai hme badi pyari, Ye sms milte hi sms kro, Kyoki hme psand nhi sms ki udhari!!!!!!

IPhone Aur Samsung Me Ek Hi Cheez Mushtarik Hai

iPhone Aur Samsung me Ek hi Cheez Mushtarik haiKon Si???Nahi Pata??Answer..“Dono Hi Mere Paas Nahi Hen”…:-p

This Year Is A Mathematical Operatin Year Of '1'

This year is a mathematical operatin year of '1' 1+1=2 Add 1-1=0 Sub 1*1=1 Mul 1/1=1 Div That is '2011' Plz dont force me ..

Its Hard To Sleep Wen U Know

Its Hard To Sleep Wen u Know How Burdened ur Mind Is It Is Evn Hardr Going To Sleep Wen u Know der Is Left Ovr Pizza In The Fridge

The Alphabets

The Alphabets... a-ur attractive b-ur beautiful c-ur caring d-ur delicous e-ur exciting f-ur funny g-ur gorgeous h-ur heavenly I-I AM J-JUST ..

Get Married Not For Yourself

Get married not for yourselfBut for the future of your childrenThey are getting late for schooland fees are increasing day by day 😛 😀

Good News For All Students

Congratulations! Good news for all students preparing for their exam. All exams have been postponed . To confirm go to site, www.stop dreaming & start ..

Forward As Received

Forward as receivedPakistan ka match daikhnay aadab:.1.Pakistan ka match bawazoo hokar daikhain.2.Doraane match aayat ul kursi ka wird jari rakhein.3.Match ..

Banta Road Se Gujar Raha Tha,

Banta road se gujar raha tha,achanak usne jhuk kar road se kuch uthayaor jor se chillaya.... Kaminepoti v aise karte hai jaise SAMOSA pada ..

Baap: Baita Is Bar Exam Mai Tujhey 90% Lanay Hai,kuch B Kar

Baap: Baita is bar exam mai tujhey 90% lanay hai,kuch b karBaita: nahi bapu mai to is bar 100% lauonga.Baap: ku mazak kar raha hai?Baita: shuru kisnay ..