Mana K Sapne Ka Pehla Lafz

Mana K Sapne Ka Pehla Lafz
Hota Hai
Lekin Agar “S” Ko Nikal Do
To “Apne” Reh Jate Hain
Agr Ap Jese “APNE” Na Hon
Sapne Koi Mayene Nahi Rakhte.

Send Mobile short message Mana K Sapne Ka Pehla Lafz from the Friendship collection of SMS and text messages. Simply copy this message and send via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Status, Tweet, Instagram or any other social platform you like. There is a huge collection of Friendship messages available on our website, which you can send to your family & friends. Simply browse through our collection and enjoy the quotes, wishes and greetings written in short messages for mobiles & social media usage.

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Asman Humse Naraz Hai

Asman humse naraz hai... Taaron ka gussa behisab hai... Log humse jalte hain... Kyunki chand se pyara Dost hamare paas hai.

Loving Some1

I always thought loving some1 was the greatest feeling, but I realised dat loving a friend is even better, we lose ppl we love but we never lose true friends.

Friendship Is Like Standing On Wet Cement.

Friendship is like standing on wet cement.The longer u stand, the harder is to leave. Even if Umanage to leave, U alwyas leave ur foot prints behind.

Sweet Things Are Easy To Buy...

Sweet things are easy to buy... Sweet words are eary to say... BUT... Sweet people like U r Difficult to find

Dost Ne Dost Ko, Dost Ke Liye Rula Diya

Dost ne dost ko, Dost ke liye rula diyaKya hua jo kisi keliye usne humein bhula diya

Yaad To Dilon Ko Aur Paas Karti Hai

Yaad To Dilon Ko Aur Paas Karti HaiZindagi Tere Saath Hone Pe Naaz Karti HaiMat Ho Udaas Ke Tu Door Hai Hum SeKyon Ke Doori Hi TO Rishton Ko Khaas Karti ..

It Is Said:

It is said:When your friend lies to you it is not his fault actually it is yours faultBecause you did not give him a proper space to tell the truth

Some Friendships Are Like Tom And Jerry.

Some friendships are like Tom and Jerry.They tease each other; Knock down each other;Irritate each other;But can't live without each other!

Dil Me Kuch Bacha Nahi Koi Aansu Ke Siwa,

Dil me kuch bacha nahi koi aansu ke siwa,Aankhon me aata nahi koi aansu ke siwa,Dost tu mat saath chorna mera Zindagee me,Kuch bacha nahi teri dosti ke ..

Bheja Tha Usay Chupke Se Bus Aik Hi Gulaab

Bheja tha usay chupke se bus Aik hi Gulaab Magar khushboo ne shehar bhar mai tamasha bana dia


(ARAZ KIA HAI)marazorat rakho sitaroon kina zarorat rakho falto yaroon kibas ik dost mango mere jesajo vaaaaat laga dy saroon ki

Life Is A Touch & Go Some People Will Be There 4a While,

Life is a touch & go Some people will be there 4a while, Some will go away, but People who find u special will always find ways to stay ..

If U Find A Cut Frnd Hold Him Wid Both Hands Becoz. A Good Frnd Comes In A Life Time....... Ok

if u find a cut frnd hold him wid both hands becoz. a good frnd comes in a life time....... okokokokab choro bhi mujhe

Teri DOSTI Ki Tareef Zuban Par Aany Lagi Ha,

Teri DOSTI ki tareef zuban par aany lagi ha,Tum se DOSTI ki to zindagi muskurany lagi haye mera pyar tha ya teri achai k har saans se tere liye DUA aane ..

Shidat E Ghum Say Heeran Nahi Hoon Main

Shidat e ghum say heeran nahi hoon maindost b gehray thay zakham b gehray hain

Pyaar Ki Shuruwat Dosti Se

Pyaar ki shuruwat dosti seAur dosti ki shuruwat aapase hoti hai

Friend Is One, Who…

Friend is one, who F-inds you in a R-ush of people, I-nspires you to do something in life, Catches your E-motions and N-ever leaves you till D-eath…

Bikhar Rahi Hey Meri Zaat Usy Kehna

Bikhar Rahi Hey Meri Zaat Usy KehnaKabhi Milay Tau Yehi Baat Usy KehnaWo Sath Tha Tau Zamana Tha Humsafr MeraMagr Ab Koi Nahi Merey Sath Usy Kehna

O Friend, I’m All Yours, Teach Me To Love,

O friend, I’m all yours, teach me to love,I’ve left the world and come, teach me love..When my companion cares for me,Why should I care for the world..The ..

Rishto Ne Har Qadam Pe Imtihaan Liya

Rishto ne har qadam pe imtihaan liyaTanhayi ne har mor pe dhoka diyaZindagi se phir bhi shikayat nahiKyuki zindagi ne aap jaise dost bhi diya