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O ALLAH!Distance us from our mistakesas You have distancedthe East from the West..(Ameen)Jumma mubarak..!!

Best Cosmetics

Best cosmeticsfor the lips is truth,for the voice is prayer,for the eyes is pity,for the hands is charity,and for the heart is care.Please always keepall ..

Y0n Barse Aj Tujh Par Lutf-0-Karam Ki Barish

Y0n Barse Aj Tujh Par Lutf-0-Karam Ki BarishK Bargah-E-ILahi Se Aj Teri K0i Dua Radd Na H0“Aameen”Jumma mubarak..!!

Umma Mubarak Hadees / Quotes In Arabic

umma Mubarak Hadees / Quotes in arabicAllah’s Messenger Sallallaahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam Said:((خير يوم طلعت ..

The Love Of Allah Is The

The love of Allah is thepower of the heart,the sustenance of the heart,the light of the heat..Jumma Mubarak hoo dosto..!!

The Spiritual Life Does Not Remove Us From The World But Leads Us Deeper Into It.

The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it.JUMMA MUBARAK

“O Allah, The Lord Of This Total Call (invitation, Proclamation) And The Lord Of The Salat To Begin, Grant Muhammad ‘intercession’ ( A Status) And Grant Him Superiority And Let Him Reach Mooqame Mahmood Which You Have Promised, For Definitely You Do Not Go Back On Your Promises”.

“O Allah, the Lord of this total call (invitation, proclamation) and the Lord of the Salat to begin, grant Muhammad ‘intercession’ ( a status) and ..

Whoever Reads Surah AL-KAHF

Whoever Reads Surah AL-KAHFon The Day of JUMMAh, willhave a Light that will Shinefrom Him from one Friday tothe Next.

Madness In Art Is Creation.

Madness in Art is Creation.Madness in Philosophy is Wisdom.Madness in the search of God is Worship!Jumma Mubarak

Prayer Is Not Overcoming God's Reluctance, But Laying Hold Of His Willingness.

Prayer is not overcoming God's reluctance, but laying hold of his willingness.Jumma Mubarak

Oh Lord !

Oh Lord !Thank you for today, yesterday and tomorrow;My family, my joys and my sorrows;For all that made me stronger.Jumma Mubarak

Dear God,

Dear God,Thank you for today, yesterday and tomorrow;My family, my joys and my sorrows;For all that made me stronger.Jumma Mubarak

When Your Problems Are Big And Your Strength Is No Longer Enough To Sustain You Till The End, Do Not Give Up; Because Where Your Strength Ends, The Grace Of God Begins!

When your problems are big and your strength is no longer enough to sustain you till the end, do not give up; because where your strength ends, the grace ..

Prayer Is The Best Antivirus In The World It Protects The Windows Of Our Life From Fatal Viruses Of Sorrow, Gloom, Sins And Hopelessness.

Prayer is the best antivirus in the world It protects the windows of our life from fatal viruses of sorrow, gloom, sins and hopelessness.So update your ..

On The Special Day Of FRIDAY

On the special day of FRIDAYI wish you good fateI wish you Inner peaceI wish you ContentmentI wish you Love JUMMA MUBARAK

Our Greatest Strength Lies In The Gentleness And Tenderness Of Our Heart.

Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart.JUMMA MUBARAK

Trusting God Won't Make The Mountain Smaller But It Will Make Climbing Easier!

Trusting God won't make the mountain smaller but it will make climbing easier!Jumma Mubarak

No One Will Manufacture A Lock Without A Key.

No one will manufacture a lock without a key.Similarly, Allah won't give problems without solutions.JUmMA MuBaRaK

May Allah – The Almighty Guide Us To The

May Allah – The Almighty Guide Us To TheRight Path!!!And Forgive Our Sins….. Allah Is The MostForgiver…… Ameen!!!

"Zamen Pe Sukun Ki Tlash Hy,

"Zamen Pe Sukun Ki Tlash Hy,“MALIK”Tera Bnda Kitna Udas Hy,Kiu Dhundta He Insan Rahat “DUNYA”Me,Jab k Saare Masle Ka Hal “NAMAZ”HY.Jumma ..

Don’t Forget To Say Every Minute :

Don’t forget to say every minute :* la ilaha illa allah لا اله الا الله* Allahu Akbar الله أكبر* Alhamdulillah الحمد لله* ..

The Best Day Of Week Is

The best Day of week is JummaJumma Mubarak

By Completely Surrendering To Allah You Can Conquer All Obstacles In Life. Inshaa Allah.

By completely surrendering to Allah you can conquer all obstacles in life. inshaa Allah.JUMMA MUBARAK

Imaan Brings You To Jannah In The Hereafter And Brings Jannah To Your Soul In This Life.

Imaan brings you to Jannah in the hereafter and brings Jannah to your soul in this life.Jumma Mubarak

Duniya Is Not The Resting Place

Duniya is not the resting place Its a testing placeJumma Mubarak

A Prayer Is Cleaning Therapy,

A Prayer Is Cleaning Therapy,Of Heart & Most Effective Purifier Of Soul,It Converts Hate Into Love &Changes Anger Into KindnessJumma Mubarak

He Showed Us The Way;

He showed us the way;He has long been gone;And yet in our hearts;His name shines on.Wish you a blessed and Holy Friday!

"May You Spend This Day In Fasting, Prayer, Repentance And Meditation To Commemorate On The Agony And Suffering Of Christ On The Cross.

"May you spend this day in fasting, prayer, repentance and meditation to commemorate on the agony and suffering of Christ on the cross.Have a blessed ..

Thinking Of YOU And Praying That The Lord Keeps You In His Loving Care At All Times!

Thinking of YOU and praying that the Lord keeps you in His loving care at all times!Have a blessed Good Friday!

Every Problem Or An Obstacle Takes Us Closer To God!

Every problem or an obstacle takes us closer to God! Jumma Mubarak

A Muslim's Heart Is At Ease Because We Rely On Allah. We Know What Is Meant For Us Won't Miss Us & What Isn't Meant For Us Won't Reach Us.

A Muslim's heart is at ease because we rely on Allah. We know what is meant for us won't miss us & what isn't meant for us won't reach us.Jumma Mubarak

In Life, To Be Successful You Have To Tie Yourself To Your Goals. Tie Your Life To Jannah And Never Let Go Until You Reach Your Goal.

In life, to be successful you have to tie yourself to your goals. Tie your life to Jannah and never let go until you reach your goal.Jumma Mubarak

The World Has Been Created For You And You Have Been Created For The Aakhira

The world has been created for you and you have been created for the AakhiraJummab Mubarak

Ya Allah I Ask You By Your Beautiful Names And The Secret Of Your Divine Power To Answer My Dua On Behalf Of My Brothers/sisters Who Seek Your Help. Ameen.

Ya Allah I ask You by Your Beautiful Names and the secret of Your Divine Power to answer my Dua on behalf of my brothers/sisters who seek your help. Ameen.Jumma ..

When We Praise Allaah, It Should Not Merely Be A Statement On Our Tongues. It Should Come From Our Hearts And Be Apparent In Our Actions.

When we praise Allaah, it should not merely be a statement on our tongues. It should come from our hearts and be apparent in our actions.Jumma Mubarak

Heal Your Hearts With Quran, It Is A Medicine That Doesn’t Expire. It Removes From The Heart Whatever There Is Of Stress, Worry & Sadness.

Heal your hearts with Quran, it is a medicine that doesn’t expire. It removes from the heart whatever there is of stress, worry & sadness.Jumma Mubarak