Propose Messages - SMS & WhatsApp Propose Messages

Grow Old Along With Me

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. Will you spend the rest of your life with me?

I Never Saw

I never saw so sweet a face As that I stood before. My heart has left its dwelling place And can return no more. Be with me forever.

My First Love Story

The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, Not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each ..

Way 2 Propose

Ek dum latest and jhakaas way 2 propose.. Boy- Xcuse me Girl- Jee kahiye Boy- Mere hone wale bacho ki taraf se aapko Happy Mother's DAY.

If I Reached For Your Hand

If I reached for your hand, will u hold it? If I hold out my arms, will u hug me? If I go for your lips, will u kiss me? If I capture ur heart, will ..

The Sweetest Way

The sweetest way to propose: "Excuse me, do you have a band aid, because I scrapped my knee when I fell in love with you." Cho Chweet.

If Roses Were Black

If Roses were Black and violets were brown, my love for you would never be found but roses r red and violets are blue, all I want to say is I LUV U!

Some One Like You

All I wanted was sum1 2 care 4 me All I wanted was sum1 who would b there 4 me All I ever wanted was sum1 who would b true All I ever wanted was sum1 ..

Hume Tumse Love Hai

Hume tumse Love hai Please refuse na karna.. Ye zero watt ka hope bulb hai Please ise fuse na karna!!!

My Eyes R Eager

My Eyes r eager 2 c u, my ears r eager 2 listen u, my lips r eager 2 kiss u, and my dreams in night are eager 2 welcome you.

If I Get Your Smile

If I get your smile, I dont need flowers. If I get your voice, I dont need music. If you speak to me, I dont need anybody. If you are my love, I dont need ..

Directions To Your Heart

Can you give me directions to your heart? I've seemed to have lost myself in your eyes.

Place For Me In Your Heart

Set a place for me in your heart and not in your mind for the mind easily forgets but the heart always remembers. I love you.