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Sometimes When I Say ""oh I Am Fine""

sometimes when i say ""oh I am fine""I want someone to look me in eyes & say""tell me the truth""

“COMPROMISING” Doesn’t Mean That

“COMPROMISING” doesn’t mean thatyour are wrong and someone is right,it only means thatyou value your “RELATIONSHIP”much more then your “EGO”

Hugs R To Pull Two People

Hugs r to pull two peopletogether,but why is that u cannever see d other person’sexpression wen it happens? Cozsum great moments r meant 2 b felt.

In Any Relationship, The Essence Of Trust Is Not In Its Bind, Age, Caste Or Creed.

In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, age, caste or creed.But in its bond.So hold the hand of the person whom you loverather than ..

"Deep Relationships Are Not Built By Forcing Others To Understand You,

"Deep relationships are not built by forcing others to understand you,But by giving them the confidence that you have understood them.."

Two Secrets To Keep Relationship Strong…….

Two secrets to keep relationship strong…….1. Whenever you are wrong – Admit it.And2. Whenever you are right – Keep Quiet.

Tumhara Muqam Mere Dil Mein Is Qadar Buland Hai,

Tumhara Muqam Mere Dil Mein Is Qadar Buland Hai,Agar Mehsus Kar Lo To Kisi Aur Ke Ho Na Pao Geay,

Successful Relations

Successful relationsdon’t depend on how goodUnderstanding we have ButIt depends on how nicely we avoidmiss Understanding..!!

Family, Friends, Health & Time Don’t Come With A Price Tag!

Family, Friends, Health & Time don’t come with a Price tag!Its only wen we lose them that we realize their true value!!

Health Is The Greatest Gift;

Health is the greatest gift;Contentment the greatest wealth;And faithfulness the best relationship!

I Feel It In My Heart;

I feel it in my heart;It's a strange flame.Isn't it a long time;For us to meet again!

True Relation:

True Relation:It's the one in which yesterday's fights do not stop today's communication!

Give Your Absence To Your Loved Ones To Make Them Miss You So Much.

Give your absence to your loved ones to make them miss you so much.But don't make it it a habit because they will learn to live without you!

6 Keys To A Successful Relationship:

6 keys to a successful relationship:✓ Friendship✓ Freedom✓ Honesty✓ Trust✓ Understanding✓ Communication

Happiness Starts With You -

Happiness starts with you -Not with your relationshipsNot with your jobNot with your moneyNot with your circumstancesBut only and only with you!

If Every One Forgets You, I Will Be With You;

If every one forgets you, I will be with you;If every one betrays you I will be with you;If every one lets you down I will still be with you;But if every ..

Make A Mind Which Never

Make a Mind which neverminds…Make a Heart which neverhurts…Make a Touch which neverpains..&…Make a ‘RELATION’which never ‘Ends’.

Sweet Example Of True Relationship:

Sweet example of true relationship:Small girl and boy are seen crying together.When asked why?Girl says ” My doll has broken”.Boy says” I am crying ..

Sometimes You Just Need To Distance Yourself From People.

Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people.If they care, they'll notice. If they don't you know where you stand!

Dekh Sweetheart,

Dekh Sweetheart,Rishta Woh Nahi Jis Mein Ego Aur Attitude Ho;Rishta Woh Hai Jis Mein Ek Roothne Wala Expert Ho Aur Ek Manane Wala Perfect!

Here Is My Heart, It's Yours To Take It;

Here is my heart, it's yours to take it;Treat it gently, please do not break it.It's full of love that's good and true;So please keep it always close to ..

No Relationship Is Ever A Waste Of Time.

No relationship is ever a waste of time.If it didn’t bring you what you want,it at least taught youwhat you don’t want.

Never Waste An Opportunity To Say - "I Love You`, To Someone You Really Like;

Never waste an opportunity to say - "I love you`, to someone you really like;Because it is not everyday you will meet the person who has the magic ..

The Taste Of Water Can Be Enjoyed Only When We Are Thirsty.

The taste of water can be enjoyed only when we are thirsty.Same way, the affection of true persons will be known when we are alone!

Relationships Last Not Because They Were Destined To Last.

Relationships last not because they were destined to last.Relationships last long because two people made a choice to keep it, fight for it and work for ..

Yaad Kar Liya Hai Tujhe Ak Ayyat Ki Tarha __💕

Yaad Kar Liya Hai Tujhe Ak Ayyat Ki Tarha __💕Ab Tera Zikr Ho Ga Ebaadat Ki Tarha___💕💞