Christian Girl Names Starting With I

Christian Girls Names Starting with I - Find the unique and most popular baby biblical Girls Names Starting with I with meanings. UrduPoint provides updated Christian Girls Names Starting with Letter I for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Ian God is benevolent English
2 Ida Prosperous English
3 Idabelle A combination of ida & belle English
4 Idalina A combination of ida & lina English
5 Idalis A form of ida English
6 Ideh Praise English
7 Idelle work English
8 Idla Battle English
9 Idony againtolove English
10 Idra Fig tree ikia - god is my salvation English
11 Ienaa Pure English
12 Iesha alive English
13 Ilana Sunshine English
14 Ilde Battle English
15 Ilean beauty, radiance English
16 Ileen beauty, radiance English
17 Ilene beauty, radiance English
18 Iliana Bright English
19 Ilianna Bright English
20 Ilisa A form of alisa, elisa English
21 Illiana Bright English
22 Illianna Bright English
23 Ilyssa A form of ilisa English
24 Imaani Believer or faith English
25 Imanii Believer or faith English
26 Imanni Believer or faith English
27 Imma Whole, Big, Universal English
28 Immani Believer or faith English
29 Immogene Variation: imogen English
30 Imogen Maiden English
31 Imogene girl, maiden English
32 Indianna From the land of the indians ; from the state of indiana English
33 Indigo land of the Indian English
34 Indy land of the Indian English
35 Inika Small earth English
36 Inmaculada Immaculate; conception of virgin mary English
37 Innes excellent valor English
38 Innogen girl, maiden English
39 Inu Attractive English
40 Iolanthe A form of yolanda English
41 Iona Purple gem English
42 Ireene A peaceful woman ; in mythology , the goddess of peace English
43 Ireland From ireland English
44 Irene peace English
45 Iria Lady English
46 Iris rainbow English
47 Irmalinda entire, whole English
48 Irmgard entire, whole English
49 Irvette Sea friend English
50 Isaabella My god is bountiful ; god English
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