Christian Girl Names Starting With L

Christian Girls Names Starting with L - Find the unique and most popular baby biblical Girls Names Starting with L with meanings. UrduPoint provides updated Christian Girls Names Starting with Letter L for new born baby with detail meanings, origin & lucky number.

Sr. Name Meaning Religion
1 Laboni Graceful English
2 Lacci Man from normandy ; as delicate as lace English
3 Lacey lace-like English
4 Laci Lacy ; lace-like English
5 Lacie lace-like English
6 Lacy lace-like English
7 Ladonna Lady English
8 Lady noblesort English
9 Lael Of god English
10 Lagina earth-worker, farmer English
11 Laidey noblesort English
12 Lailaa Dark beauty English
13 Lailie Born during light English
14 Laina A form of lane English
15 Lainey Bright light English
16 Lakeesha Joyful or happy English
17 Lakeeshia Joyful or happy English
18 Lakeisha cassia, English
19 Lakendra Son of henry English
20 Lakeshia cassia, English
21 Lakessha Joyful or happy English
22 Lakisha cassia, English
23 Lakken From the still waters English
24 Lalla tobabble English
25 Lallie Babbler English
26 Lally tobabble English
27 Lamara Weary English
28 Lana littlerock English
29 Landyn A form of landon English
30 Lanee One who takes the narrow path English
31 Laney A familiar form of lane English
32 Langley Long meadow English
33 Lanie A form of laney English
34 Lanna Attractive English
35 Lara laurel English
36 Laraine land of the people of Lothar English
37 Lareyna land of the people of Lothar English
38 Lari laurel English
39 Lark Skylark. English
40 Larra Cheerful English
41 Laryn of Laurentum English
42 Lashawn God is gracious English
43 Lashay strong English
44 Lashonda God is gracious English
45 Latanya father English
46 Latasha birthday, English
47 Latassha Birthday English
48 Latisha happiness English
49 Latissha Great joy English
50 Latonya invaluable English
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