Ta'aghrah تغرہ Name Meaning In Urdu (Girls Name)

Meaning of Muslim Girl Name Ta'aghrah - Islamic Baby Girl Name Ta'aghrah Meaning & Pronunciation

تغرہاردو نام
Ta'aghrahانگریزی نام
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The name Ta'aghrah is a Muslim Girls name. Urdu name dictionary suggests that Ta'aghrah name meaning in Urdu is ضرورت, and it belongs to عربی origin. The lucky number of Ta'aghrah is , and lucky days are . The Ta'aghrah lucky metal is , and lucky stone is . On this page, you can check other details of Muslim name Ta'aghrah, find its spellings and Urdu meaning.

The Ta'aghrah name is famous in the online names dictionary, it is viewed 27949 times, which is Twenty-seven thousand nine hundred forty-nine times. It is located under Urdu muslim Girls names category, with alphabetic T, you can check 420 other names which are starting with T, and look for 18302 Islamic Girls names in Urdu.