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Poetry of Ahmad Hammad, Urdu Shayari of Ahmad Hammad

احمد حماد کی شاعری

وسوسے chat کے

Waswase Chat K

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

تیرے پیچھے دل نے بھی

Tere Peche Dil Ne Bhi

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

سخن طرازو سماوار کائنات بنے

Sukhan Tarazo

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

نیا منظر نظر تو آ رہا ہے

Naya Manzar

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

missed call

Missed Call

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد



(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

میں کیسے زندگی کرنے لگوں بنا سورج

Main Kasie Zindagi

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

long drive تیرے ساتھ

Long Drive-tere Sath

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

long drive تیرے بعد

Long Drive-tere Bad

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

کس تسلسل کا ہے استعارہ کہ پھر شام بے چین ہے

Kiss Tasalsul Ka Hai

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

Valentine's Day

First Valentines Day

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

contact lens

Contact Lens

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

بتا مالک

Bata Malik

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

عجب ہے تذکرہ تیرا

Ajab Hai Tazkara

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

ابھی اور کتنے گڑے ہیں لوح پہ معتمد

Abhi Or Kitne Gare

(Ahmad Hammad) احمد حماد

Ahmad Hammad works at PTV (Pakistan Television) as an anchor. He has been working with Royal TV. Ahmad has interviewed prominent political, literary and intellectual figures. In addition to working at TV, he’s been anchoring a film-based radio show namely CHHAAN at FM95 Punjab Rung with renowned film writer and poet Rukhsana Noor for around 2 years; from 2010 to 2012. He possesses an excellent track record of producing short films, documentaries, plays, screenplay writing, concept development, road shows, talk shows, conducting interviews and anchoring high-profiled TV and radio shows.

Over 220 hours’ appearances in the electronic media as a host and guest are to Hammad’s credit; ATV, Waqt TV, PTV—Home, PTV—News, Star-Asia TV, Such TV, Punjab TV, APNA TV, Radio Pakistan, FM-101, FM-100, FM-103, FM-104.6, FM-107.4, FM-91, FM-93, FM-95, Sargodha, Faisalabad etc…

He has been working in print media for last 20 years. He has worked as editor, contributor, feature writer and columnist. Currently he is working on the final thesis Alienation for M Phil Media Studies.

He has been working on the project feasibility for the Media University with Dr Mughees ud Din Sheikh who is the ex-dean faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of the Punjab.

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