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Akhtar Shumar Poetry, Akhtar Shumar Shayari

1960 Lahore

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Poetry of Akhtar Shumar

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Akhtar Shumar is a famous Urdu Shayar of all times from Lahore, Pakistan. Akhtar Shumar was born in 1960, in Lahore of Pakistan. Read Akhtar Shumar Urdu Shayari at UrduPoint. Here you can find the complete collection of Akhtar Shumar Shayari. The updated and latest collection of Urdu Nazams, Ghazals, Qataat, Udas Shayari, Dosti Ki Shayari, Muasharti Shayari, Muhabat Bhari Shayari, Udas Ghazalen, Umed Ki Nazmain, Sad Poetry, Love Poetry, Friendship Poetry, Social Poetry, Relationship Poetry, Breakup Poetry is available here.

  • Akhtar Shumar is a famous Urdu Shayar of all times from Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Most of the time, Urdu poets use a Takhalus (pen name), Akhtar Shumar uses شمار as his Takhalus.
  • If you want to contact Akhtar Shumar, you can do it directly by clicking here.