Anwer Zahidi Poetry, Anwer Zahidi Shayari

انور زاہدی - Anwer Zahidi

1946 راولپنڈی

Poetry of Anwer Zahidi, Urdu Shayari of Anwer Zahidi

انور زاہدی کی شاعری

جو گئے ایک دفعہ وقت بھلانے کے لیے

Jo Gaye Aik Dafa Waqat Bhalane Ke Lie

(Anwer Zahidi) انور زاہدی

تم نے دیکھا ہے کبھی دل کو اترتے دل میں

Tumne Dekha Hai Kabhi Dil Ko Utarte Dil Mein

(Anwer Zahidi) انور زاہدی

چلی ہوا تو کوئی یاد آ گیا پھر سے

Chali Havaa To Koi Yaad Agaya Phir Se

(Anwer Zahidi) انور زاہدی

بکھری ہوئی ہے شام ذرا بام سے دیکھو

Bikhri Hoe Hai Sham Zara Baam Se Dekho

(Anwer Zahidi) انور زاہدی

ملو تو بن کے مہک سانس میں اتر جاؤ

Mali To Ban Ke Mehak Sans Mein Utar Jaon

(Anwer Zahidi) انور زاہدی

Anwer Zahidi was born on July 9, 1946. He is a Pakistani Urdu author. He has written more than twelve books of poetryshort storiestravelogue and translations. He has done his graduation in science from Punjab University and after he received a degree of MBBS from Nishtar Medical CollegeMultan in 1970. He was a practicing physician by profession. He is a short story writer, a poet and translator. His collection of verse Sunaehre Dinon Ki Shairi (Poetry of the Golden Days—1985) was followed by Azab-e Shaher Panah (The Torture of the Ramparts) collection of short stories, in 1991. New collection of poems Meri Aankhen Samadar and short stories Mausam Jang Ka Kahani Muhabbat Ki are under publication.

He is not only a writer but a literary critic as well. His collection of critical writings on the world's great literary figures, called Bazyaft, has just been completed. Zahidi has also made a name as a translator. His knowledge of Persian, which he mastered during three-year stay in Iran, has helped him in translating from Persian. He also translated Hermann Hesse in Barishon Ka Mausam (The Rainy Season) and Carl Jung's Psychology of the Unconscious for the National Language Authority. Besides these highly technical books he has also translated Arabic, Turkish and Latin American literary masterpieces.


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