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فرح علی - Farah Ali

Poetry of Farah Ali, Urdu Shayari of Farah Ali

فرح علی کی شاعری

مقصدِ تخلیقِ انساں

Maqsad Takhleq Insan

(Farah Ali) فرح علی

اصل جہاں

Asal Jahan

(Farah Ali) فرح علی

تابِ دیدار

Taab Deedar

(Farah Ali) فرح علی

Urdu Poetry & Shayari of Farah Ali. Read Nazams, Social Poetry of Farah Ali, Nazams, Social Poetry and much more. There are total 3 Urdu Poetry collection of Farah Ali published online.