Poetry of Ibn E Safi, Urdu Shayari of Ibn E Safi

ابن صفی کی شاعری

ذہن سے دل کا بار اترا ہے

Zehab Se Dil Ka Bar Utara Hai

(Ibn e Safi) ابن صفی

یونہی وابستگی نہیں ہوتی

Yuni Wabastagi Nahi Hoti

(Ibn e Safi) ابن صفی

یوں نہ اس دل کے مکیں سے ملیے

Yun Na Us Dil Ke Maken Se Milye

(Ibn e Safi) ابن صفی

اداس تنہا کھڑا ہوں ، تاریکیوں میں گم ہے فضائے عالم

Udas Tanha Khada Hun Tareekiyun Mein Gum Hai Fizaye Alam

(Ibn e Safi) ابن صفی

ایک بچہ

Aik Bacha

(Ibn e Safi) ابن صفی

راہِ طلب میں کون کسی کا اپنے بھی بیگانے ہیں

Rah E Talab Mein Kaun Kisi Ka Apne Bhi Begane Hain

(Ibn e Safi) ابن صفی

قفس کی داستاں ہے اور ہم ہیں

Qafas Ki Dastaan Hai Aur Hum Hain

(Ibn e Safi) ابن صفی

کبھی قاتل کبھی جینے کا جلن ہوتی ہے

Kabhi Qatil Kabhi Jeene Ka Jalan Hoti Hai

(Ibn e Safi) ابن صفی

کبھی ثواب کی ہیں اور کبھی شراب کی ہیں

Kabhi Sawab Ki Hai Aur Kabhi Sharab Ki Hain

(Ibn e Safi) ابن صفی

بجھی بجھی سی ہیں قندیل ہائے بزمِ دماغ

Bujhi Bujhi Si Hain Qandeel Haye Bazam Damagh

(Ibn e Safi) ابن صفی

Asrar Ahmad aka Ibn-e-Safi was a best-selling and prolific fiction writer, novelist and poet of Urdu from Pakistan. The word Ibn-e-Safi is an Arabian expression which literally means Son of Safi, where the word Safi means chaste or righteous. He wrote from the 1940s in India, and later Pakistan after the independence of British India in 1947. His main works were the 125-book series Jasoosi Dunya (The Spy World) and the 120-book Imran Series, with a small canon of satirical works and poetry. His novels were characterized by a blend of mystery, adventure, suspense, violence, romance and comedy, achieving massive popularity across a broad readership in South Asia. Ibn-e-Safi was also a poet. He used to write poems under the pen name of "Asrar Narvi". He wrote in various genres of Urdu poetry, such as Hamd, Naat, Manqabat, Marsia, Ghazal, and Nazm. His collection of poetry, Mata-e Qalb-o-Nazar (Urdu for The Assest of Heart & Sight) remains unpublished. Ibne Safi died on 25 July 1980.

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