Ikram Basra Urdu Hamds Shayari - Ikram Basra Hamd poetry, Hamd-o-Naat Shayari

Ikram Basra Poetry, Ikram Basra Shayari

Ikram Basra Hamd Poetry - Read best Ikram Basra Hamd Shayari collection at UrduPoint. Here you can find a vast and updated collection of Ikram Basra Hamd Shayari in Urdu. Read Hamd Poetry of Ikram Basra below and you will surely like it.

Ikram Basra Hamd poetry

Urdu Hamds are very famous in Urdu Poetry. Ikram Basra loves to write Urdu Hamd. Hamd is a piece of poetry in which the Shayar praises Allah Almighty. At UrduPoint, you can read the updated and latest collection of Urdu Hamds in the list of Ikram Basra Urdu Hamds Poetry. You can find here your favorite Urdu Hamd and note it down to read it later, or you can bookmark this page too.

Urdu Hamd is a collection of religious poetry that also contains Hamd o naat poetry. Ikram Basra Urdu Hamds Shayari collection is easier to understand by the Pakistani people because their National language is “Urdu”. Muslims also recite Hamd-o-naat on religious events, and many Muslim occasions start with Hamd-o-naat as Hamd-o-naat is a sign of good luck.

In Ikram Basra Hamds in Urdu language, the Shayar admires the love, the glory, blessings, mercy and magnifies the creator who creates all the things in this universe for all of us.

Hamd is also known as “Tareef” in Urdu. Hamd is a kind of poetry in which the Ikram Basra exclusively praises God, the supreme authority. Basically, the supreme authority is one and only Allah Almighty in this whole world. In Hamd, Ikram Basra describes his feelings about his religion and tells in detail with a very beautiful manner that the entire world is full of His glory and Allah Almighty is the creator of this universe.

All the Urdu Hamds are written in the remembrance of Allah Almighty. Muslims always recite Ikram Basra Urdu Hamds for their heart's satisfaction and keep a remembrance of Allah in their mind and heart.

Hamd is very beautiful prose, and the word Hamd is taken from the Holy Book of Muslims. All the Islamic events start with the name of Allah, and the recitation of Urdu Hamds and Urdu Hamds by Ikram Basra are one of them.