Love is the eternal feeling in this world and many philosophers says that this world was created for the sake of love. Love is the feelings which can vanish the feelings of hatred and cause people to live peacefully. Undoubtedly, there are no words which can fully express our love for our loved ones but we can find the best words to express our selves. Love Poetry is the medium to communicate the sentiments of love that we feel for someone.

Love poems and love Urdu poetry are the best source to express our feelings of love in words to someone. It is quite possible that we cannot explain our love in words but the love shayari provides us the best chance to do so. Love poetry for her is the best source for you to convey the deep feelings which you are having. There are many people who are very expressive and they feel very comfortable to express themselves. But on the other hand there are people who are shy to express themselves, they don’t feel comfortable in expressing love sentiments so they can use love poetry for this purpose. Rather than explaining in words we must express the feeling of love through the behavior by which other people should feel that we love them.

Sometimes we want to send Urdu poetry through SMS so for that two line love poetry is preferable. When we read ghazals in sms it becomes to lengthy and time consuming as well so we must save the time and express more feelings in easier words. You can dedicate this Urdu love poetry to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or lover.