M D Taseer Poetry, M D Taseer Shayari

ایم ڈی تاثیر - M D Taseer

1902 - 1950 احمد آباد

Poetry of M D Taseer, Urdu Shayari of M D Taseer

ایم ڈی تاثیر کی شاعری

میری وفائیں یاد کرو گے

Meri Wafaon Yaad Karo Ge

(M D Taseer) ایم ڈی تاثیر

وہ ملے تو بے تکلف، نہ ملے تو بے ارادہ

O Mile To Be Takalluf Na Mile To Be Iradah

(M D Taseer) ایم ڈی تاثیر

غیر کے خط میں مجھے ان کے پیام آتے ہیں

Gair Ke Khat Mein Mujhe Is Ki Payam Aate Hain

(M D Taseer) ایم ڈی تاثیر

داغ سینے پہ جو ہمارے ہیں

Dag Seene Pe Jo Hamare Hain

(M D Taseer) ایم ڈی تاثیر

حضور یار بھی آنسو نکل ہی آتے ہیں

Hazoor Yar Bhi Aansu Nikal Hi Aate Hain

(M D Taseer) ایم ڈی تاثیر

Muhammad Din Taseer was his complete name. He was born on 28 February 1902. He was also known as Deen Muhammad Taseer but popularly known as M. D. Taseer. He was a Pakistani Urdu poet, writer, and literary critic. He is considered one of the pioneers of the progressive movement in Urdu literature.

At the end of 1935, he returned from Cambridge and joined the Muslim Anglo-Oriental (MAO) College in Amritsar as its principal. Along with Faiz Ahmad Faiz he was one of the founders of the Progressive Writers' Movement.

 Taseer was appointed the principal of Sri Pratap College in Srinagar in 1941. In 1942 he became the founding principal of the new Amar Singh College, which was an offshoot of the Sri Pratap College. In 1943, he was given in the Government of India, helping in the war effort. He worked in Simla and Delhi.

After the Partition of India, he moved to Pakistan. In Pakistan he worked as the principal of the Islamia College in Lahore. He died on 1 December 1950.


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