Maqsood Wafa Poetry - Maqsood Wafa Shayari, Urdu Ghazal, Nazam Collection

Maqsood Wafa Poetry, Maqsood Wafa Shayari

1962-05-06 Faisalabad

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Maqsood Wafa’s first collection of Urdu poetry, Dar-i-Imkaan, in 1994 was widely appreciated. It has had seven editions and became his hallmark.“Dar-i-Imkaan was followed by Elaihida after a long gap, in 2012.Wafa is currently working on a collection of prose poems (nasrinazm) to be printed by the end of this year and a collection of Punjabi poems, Charay Nukraan Mayrian. For the last 10 years, Wafa has been working as a broadcaster, presenting a weekly show on a local FM radio, addressing socio-political issues, which are usually ignored by the mainstream media. A voracious reader, Maqsood Wafa has a huge collection of books at home. Most of his writings originate from the life around him; his own pleasures, pains and agony. His diction has a visible impression of the contemporary masters. Mostly using a mellow tone, in a very subtle way, he shocks his readers to rethink and read what is unsaid.