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Poetry of Mehmood Sham, Urdu Shayari of Mehmood Sham

محمود شام کی شاعری

پربت پہ شجر محو فغاں کس کے لئے ہیں

Perbaat Yeh Shajar Mehfighaan Kiss K Liye Hain

(Mehmood sham) محمود شام

پہلا پیریڈ

Pehla Period

(Mehmood sham) محمود شام

مری آغوش خیمہ بن گئی ہے

Mere Agosh Khema Ban Gaye

(Mehmood sham) محمود شام

لازمی جزو تکلم یعنی

Lazmi Juz Va Takalum Yani

(Mehmood sham) محمود شام

چکلالہ ائر بیس

Chaklala Airbase

(Mehmood sham) محمود شام

بالا کوٹ

Bala Kot

(Mehmood sham) محمود شام

اک چیخ اور بعد میں صدیوں کی خامشی

Aik Cheekh Or Baad Main Sadiyon Ki Khamshi

(Mehmood sham) محمود شام

Mahmood Shaam was born as Tariq Mahmood. He was born on 5 February 1940. He is a Pakistani Urdu language journalist, poet writer and analyst. He is one of the best known and most travelled journalist of Pakistan. After serving Pakistan's largest newspaper Jang Group for more than 16 years continuously as Group Editor, he joined ARY Digital Group on 21 September 2010. He has written many books on different subjects.

Urdu Poetry & Shayari of Mehmood sham. Read Nazams, Ghazals, Sad Poetry, Social Poetry of Mehmood sham, Nazams, Ghazals, Sad Poetry, Social Poetry and much more. There is 1 book of the poet published on UrduPoint, including Mix Poetry Collection by Mehmood sham. Read poetry from the books. There are total 7 Urdu Poetry collection of Mehmood sham published online.