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Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Poetry, Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Shayari

1830 - 1907 Mirpur

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Mian Muhammad Bakhsh

There were many poets in the past in the land of Pakistan, But Mian Muhammad Bakhsh and his poetry are still alive in people's hearts. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh was born in the village Khari Sharif, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. He was a famous Punjabi Sufi poet. His family belonged to Gujrat; his caste was Punjabi Gujjar.

Journey of life

He was raised in an Islamic denomination and got his early education at home. He then went to another village with his elder brother to learn the knowledge of Hadith in madrassah. Mian Muhammad Bakhash studied in the madrassah under the supervision of Hafiz Gulam Hussain.

He was first attracted and inspired by Yusuf Oo Zulaikha poetry book written by Nur ad-Din Abd ar-Rahman Jami, and he sang Jami's poetry. He was interested in spiritual poetry and writing.

After the death of his father, Mian Muhammad shifted to Khanaq at the age of nineteen. He spent his whole life there.

Mian Muhammad Bakhsh wanted spiritual peace for praying. He started to travel for this. Mian Muhammad took the Sufi's oath of allegiance with the Gulam Muhammad. Then he went to Srinagar, where he met with Sheikh Ahmad Wali.

Poetry work

He was a versatile writer. Mian Muhammad Bakhsh wrote famous poems and ghazals. His poetry theme was spirituality. The first time, he wrote qasidah, siharfis, and duhras. His poetry is in Punjabi, Pothohari. He also used Persian and Arabic words in his poetry. But, he is still famous because of Punjabi poetry.

Following are some of the masterpieces by Mian Muhammad Bakhsh.

  • Siharfi
  • Mirza Sahiban
  • Ahirin Farhad
  • Tuhfah-e Miran
  • Sakhi Khavass Khan
  • Gulzar-e Faqir
  • Panj Ganj
  • Ishq
  • Sohni Mahiwal
  • Tuhfah-e- Rasuliyah
  • Shah Mansur
  • Hidayatul Muslimin
  • Masnavi-e Nīrang-e

Famous work

Saif ul Maluk is known as joinery of love, and Safar ul Ishq is written by Mian Muhammad Bakhsh.


He died on 7th Dhu al-Hijjah 1324 AH in Khari Sharif. His tomb is popular to visit. Islamic scholars said that Mian Muhammad Bakhash conveyed the message of peace and mankind through his poetry. His life was full of spirituality.