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قابل اجمیری کی شاعری

راستہ ہے کہ کٹتا جاتا ہے

Rasta Hai Ke Katiya Jata Hai

(Qabil Ajmeri) قابل اجمیری

وہ ہر مقام سے پہلے وہ ہر مقام کے بعد

Wo Har Maqam Se Pehle Wo Har Muqam Ke Baad

(Qabil Ajmeri) قابل اجمیری

تضاد _ جذبات میں یہ نازک مقام آیا تو کیا کرو گے

Tazaaz E Jazbaat Mein Ye Nazuk Muqam Aaya To Kiya Karo Ge

(Qabil Ajmeri) قابل اجمیری

تم نہ مانو مگر حقیقت ہے

Tum Na Mano Magar Haqeeqat Hai

(Qabil Ajmeri) قابل اجمیری

Qabil Ajmeri was born on August 27, 1931 in Churli, a town located near Ajmer, Rajastan. His real name was Abdul Rahim. He got his early education from Ajmer. Qabil was orphaned at age seven. His father died of tuberculosis, and his mother died shortly afterwards. Ajmeri migrated to Pakistan with his brother without any provisions in January 1948. They then settled in Hyderabad, Sindh. Ajmeri began writing poetry at an early age. He became famous in his locality for his poetry by age 14. He became very popular at mushairas and was recognized as a senior Urdu poet by the age of 21 in Pakistan. Ajmeri wrote both ghazals and nazms. He published compilations of Urdu poetry and also a volume on philosophy, named "Deeda-e-Bedaar". He was admitted to several hospitals, and in 1960, he was sent to a Quetta sanatorium, where he met Nargis Susan, a nurse who was impressed with his poetry and who later converted to Islam. Afterwards, they married and had one son. Ajmeri died of tuberculosis in Hyderabad on October 3, 1962.

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