Rehman Baba Poetry - Rehman Baba Shayari, Urdu Ghazal, Nazam Collection

Rehman Baba Poetry, Rehman Baba Shayari

1653 - 1709 Peshawar

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Rehman Baba Poetry

In the world of literature and poetry, you will see many famous poets. But, Rehman Baba's poetry is famous worldwide. He was born in 1632 CE in Bahadur Kelay, Hazarkhawani. He had spent his life in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. His most popular work in poetry is Diwan. He is also famous as the poet of Love and Humanity.

Rehman Baba was a Sufi and well-known poet in the Mughal era. He had started his journey in poetry with Khushal Khan Khattak in the Pashto language. He conveys the lesson of peace and Islam with his poetry. This poet died in 1715 CE. His tomb is in Ring Road Hazar Khawani Peshawar. In April, people celebrate his death anniversary. He is a famous name in the world of Pashto literature and Poetry.

Popular work

Abdul Rehman Baba wrote beautiful aesthetic poetry. His collection of poetry and 340 poems are called Diwan. His Diwan was most popular in 1728. Fans of Rehman Baba copied his Diwan in Pashto in 25 handwritten copies worldwide. Ten copies in Pashto academy Peshawar, Three in the Bibliotheque Nationale Paris and British academy, Bodleian Library, and University of Library Aligarh have also four copies. The first print of his Diwan was printed in Pakistan in 1877 by Anglican Missionary T.P.

Famous Verses from Diwan

Many verses are very famous. Arbab Hidayatullah translated 111 verses in 2009. The poetry was also translated into Roman for understanding. He wrote every verse beautifully with amazing life lessons.


After his death, his fans constructed a tomb in Peshawar. With time, a yearly celebration at the tomb became part of the cultural trend of Peshawar. It is painted with white color and attracts people to visit. On 5 March 2009, Rehman Baba's Tomb was bombed and destroyed. The mosque, gate, walls, hall, and almost all the complex were damaged. In November 2012, after the reconstruction, the tomb was reopened for a visit. On every Thursday, people perform Qawali.

Urs Mubarak

Every year, his fans and followers celebrate Urs Mubarak. On 4th April, Pakistani and Afghani people visit and celebrate Urs. Different poets remember and read his Kalam and verses loudly. Meals (lunch and dinner) are arranged every year, and people enjoy the Sufi music at night.

Poetry themes

Abdul Rehman Baba wrote mind-blowing poetry. His poetry theme is soul, unconditional love, and peace. He was a pious man with a kind nature. In one essay, Dr. Hanifullah explained their opinion about Abdur Rehman Baba's nature and poetry. He said Rehman Baba is not limited to a family, a tribe, a nation, or a country. He is the nightingale of an infinitely wide garden of beauty in which he flies with the wings of love. And with every flight, and then he sings a song: “I am a human and belong to humanity, not with a specific tribe or a sect.”

He had huge knowledge and spirituality, and humility. According to Rehman Baba, if you have the money, you can gain your status but can not reach the level of humility. Rehman Baba also wrote about the life of the world. According to his points of view, this world is full of fools you should care about the hereafter. You should spend your life as a traveler and take advantage of every moment of your life for good deeds.

Rehman Baba was a diligent personality like other Muslim scholars and international poets and wrote different poetry on different perspectives on life. He wanted to give awareness about the beauty of the soul and kind nature to people. People enjoy his endless poetry about life and spirituality.