Poetry of Saleem Kausar, Urdu Shayari of Saleem Kausar

سلیم کوثر کی شاعری

تم نے سچ پولنے کی جرات کی

Tum Ne Sach Bolne Ki Jurat Ki

(Saleem Kausar) سلیم کوثر


Wohi Hai Hawas Ka Mausam Ghutan Badalne Se

(Saleem Kausar) سلیم کوثر

نئی لوری

Lori Ki Rim Jhim Mein

(Saleem Kausar) سلیم کوثر

کیا بتائیں فصل بے خوابی یہاں بوتا ہے کون

Kiya Batain Fasal E Be Khawabi Yahan Bota Hain Kaun

(Saleem Kausar) سلیم کوثر

دوکان گریہ 3

Roshni Sare Andheron Ko Nigal Jaye Gi

(Saleem Kausar) سلیم کوثر

دوکان گریہ 2

Lay Be Lay Bhadta Chala Jata Hai Hangaam E Sitam

(Saleem Kausar) سلیم کوثر

دوکان گریہ 1

Pochne Wale

(Saleem Kausar) سلیم کوثر

چشم بے خواب ہوئی شہر کی ویرانی سے

Cheshm Be Khwab Ho Shehar Ki Veerani Si

(Saleem Kausar) سلیم کوثر

Kausar was born on August 1947 in Panipat, India. After partition of sub-continent, his family migrated to Pakistan and settled in Khanewal, Pakistan. He is well known poet. He received his primary and secondary education there. Later he with his family moved to Kabeerwala. In 1972, he shifted to Karachi, where he has worked in various newspapers before joining Pakistan Television (PTV). He was retired several years ago. His contribution towards Urdu literature is remarkable.

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