Poetry of Sara Shagufta, Urdu Shayari of Sara Shagufta

سارا شگفتہ کی شاعری

سنگِ میل پہروں چلتا ہے

Aasman Ke Seene Mein Gham Charkha Kat Raha Hai

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

پانیوں کی بدی

Paniyon Ki Kamanen

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

نثری نظم

Shairi Jhankar Nahi Jo Patal Par Nachti Rahe

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

موت کی تلاشی مت لو

Badilon Mein Hi Meri To Barish Mar Gai

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

دو گھونٹ پیاس اور

Bhok Ke Chune Se Wo Bedar Hoe

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

ڈال کتنے رنگ بوئے گی

Kaun Jane Dal Kitne Rang Boye Gi

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

چاند کا قرض

Hamare Aanshuon Ki Aankhen Banai Gain

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

باہر آدھی بارش ہو رہی ہے

Aine Ko Shumar Mat Karo

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

اے میرے سرسبز خدا

Ban Karne Walon Ne

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

آتش دان

Aatish Danon Se

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

آنکھیں دو جُڑواں بہنیں

Jab Hamare Gunahon Pe Waqat Utre Ga

(Sara Shagufta) سارا شگفتہ

Sara Shagufta was born on 31 October 1954. She was a Pakistani poet who wrote poetry in Urdu and Punjabi language. She committed suicide by throwing herself before a passing train in Karachi. Sara's family migrated to Karachi from Punjab during the partition of India. She belonged to poor and uneducated family. She wanted to rise socially but could not pass her matriculation.

When she was 17, she got her first marriage, which was followed by other three unsuccessful marriages.

She was admitted to mental hospital as she was suffering from mental illness. After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, she committed suicide at an early age of 29, on 4 June 1984, around 11 PM, by throwing herself before a train passing from Drigh Colony railway crossing in Karachi.

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