Satyapal Anand Poetry, Satyapal Anand Shayari

ستیہ پال آنند - Satyapal Anand

1931 راولپنڈی

Poetry of Satyapal Anand, Urdu Shayari of Satyapal Anand

ستیہ پال آنند کی شاعری


Mene Kal Shab

(Satyapal Anand) ستیہ پال آنند

ناگہاں اور بے نہایت

"na Gahan" Aor "be Nihayat"

(Satyapal Anand) ستیہ پال آنند

میں دو جنما

Aaj Ka Din Aur Kal Jo Guzar Gaya Ye Donon

(Satyapal Anand) ستیہ پال آنند

فتکلمو اتعرفو

Tabeeb Bhunbhuna Gaya

(Satyapal Anand) ستیہ پال آنند

سانپ کو مت جگا

Sanp Soya Hova Hai Badi Dair Se

(Satyapal Anand) ستیہ پال آنند

خون کی خوشبو

Khoon Ki Khushboo Udi To

(Satyapal Anand) ستیہ پال آنند

انا للہ وانا الیہ راجعون

Aik Murda Tha Jise Mene Khud Akaila

(Satyapal Anand) ستیہ پال آنند

اگلا سفر طویل نہیں

Wo Din Bhi Aaye Hai Uski Siyaah Zulfon Mein

(Satyapal Anand) ستیہ پال آنند

آزمائش شرط تھی

Zindah Rehna Seekh Kar Bhi Mene Shayad

(Satyapal Anand) ستیہ پال آنند

آدھا ادھورا شخص

Hamara Roz Ka Mamool Tha Sone Se Pehle

(Satyapal Anand) ستیہ پال آنند

Satyapal Anand was born on April 24, 1931. He is a poet, critic and writer. He has written several fictional and poetry books in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi. He has also received awards for his literary work. Anand was born in Kot SarangChakwal district. He finished his primary education there and attended secondary school in Rawalpindi in 1947. After the partition of India, his family moved to Ludhiana in East Punjab. He received his college education and did Masters in English from the Punjab University in Chandigarh. Later, he earned his first doctoral degree in English Literature on thesis "Changing concept of the nature of reality and literary techniques of expression." He earned his second doctoral degree in Philosophy from the Trinity UniversityTexas.

Anand married Promila Anand in November 1957. His famous books in Hindi are Yug Ki Awaz, Painter Bawrie, Azadi Ki Pukar, Bhoori. Books in Punjabi are Saver Dopeher Shaam, Makhu Mittha, Ghazal Ghazal Darya and famous English books are The Dream Weaver, A Vagrant Mirror, One Hundred Buddhas, If Winter Comes. These are some of his famous books.

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