Shibli Nomani Poetry, Shibli Nomani Shayari

شبلی نعمانی - Shibli Nomani

1857 - 1914 احمد آباد

Poetry of Shibli Nomani, Urdu Shayari of Shibli Nomani

شبلی نعمانی کی شاعری

یار کو رغبت اغیار نہ ہونے پائے

Yaar Rugbat Aghiyaar Na Hone Paye

(Shibli Nomani) شبلی نعمانی

ناتواں عشق نے آخر کیا ایسا ہم کو

Natawaan Ishq Ne Aakhir Kia Aisa Hum Ko

(Shibli Nomani) شبلی نعمانی

تیس دن کے لیے ترک مے و ساقی کر لوں

Tees Din Ke Lie Tark May O Saqi Kar Loon

(Shibli Nomani) شبلی نعمانی

تیر قاتل کا یہ احساں رہ گیا

Teer Qatil Ka Ye Ahsaan Reh Gaya

(Shibli Nomani) شبلی نعمانی

پوچھتے کیا ہو جو حال شب تنہائی تھا

Pochte Kia Ho Jo Haal Shab E Tanhai

(Shibli Nomani) شبلی نعمانی

اثر کے پیچھے دل حزیں نے نشان چھوڑا نہ پھر کہیں کا

Asar Ke Peeche Dil Hazeen Ne Nishaan Choda Na Phir Kahi Ka

(Shibli Nomani) شبلی نعمانی

Shibli Nomani was born on 3 June 1857 – 18 November 1914, in Azamgarh district. He was an Islamic scholar from the Indian subcontinent during British Raj. He was born at Bindwal in Azamgarh district of present-day Uttar Pradesh. He is known for the founding the Shibli National College in 1883 and the Darul Mussanifin (House of Writers) in Azamgarh. Shibli was a versatile scholar in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Urdu. He was also a poet. He collected much material on the life of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad but could write only first two volumes of the planned work the Sirat-un-Nabi. His disciple, Syed Suleiman Nadvi, made use of this material and added to it and also wrote remaining five volumes of the work, the Sirat-un-Nabi after the death of his mentor.

Earlier at Nadwa, he had wanted to establish Darul Musannifin or the House of Writers but he could not do this at that time. He bequeathed his bungalow and mango orchard and motivated the members of his clan and relatives to do the same and had succeeded. He wrote letters to his disciples and other eminent persons and sought their co-operation. Eventually one of his disciples, Syed Suleiman Nadvi fulfilled his dream and established Darul Musannifin at Azamgarh. The first formal meeting of the institution was held on 21 November 1914, within three days of his death.

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