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شوکمار بٹالوی - Shiv Kumar Batalvi


Poetry of Shiv Kumar Batalvi, Urdu Shayari of Shiv Kumar Batalvi

شوکمار بٹالوی کی شاعری

چاندی دیاں گولیاں

Shaam Di Main Phiki Phiki

(Shiv Kumar Batalvi) شوکمار بٹالوی


Haye Ni Aj Ambar Lisy Lisy

(Shiv Kumar Batalvi) شوکمار بٹالوی

من مندر

Bal Bal Nai Mere Man Mandar Diye Jote

(Shiv Kumar Batalvi) شوکمار بٹالوی

ہنجواں دی چھبیل

Yaad Teri De Tapde Rahi

(Shiv Kumar Batalvi) شوکمار بٹالوی

چپ دی باگیں

Nain Nitre Kiyon Aj Hoe Gehre

(Shiv Kumar Batalvi) شوکمار بٹالوی

اک گیت ہجر دا

Motiye Rangi Channi Di Bhar Pachkari

(Shiv Kumar Batalvi) شوکمار بٹالوی

کنڈیالی تھوہر

Main Kandyali Thor Ve Sajna

(Shiv Kumar Batalvi) شوکمار بٹالوی

شرینہہ دے پھل

Dil De Jhale Marag Nu Lagi Ay Teh

(Shiv Kumar Batalvi) شوکمار بٹالوی

مرچاں دے پتر

Punea De Chan Nu Koi Masiya

(Shiv Kumar Batalvi) شوکمار بٹالوی

Shiv Kumar Batalvi (23 October 1936 – 6 May 1973) was a Punjabi language poet, who was most known for his romantic poetry, noted for its heightened passion, pathos, separation and lover's agony.He became the youngest recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1967, given by Sahitya Akademi (India's National Academy of Letters), for his epic verse play based on the ancient legend of Puran Bhagat, Loona (1965),now considered a masterpiece in modern Punjabi literature, and which also created a new genre, of modern Punjabi kissa. Today, his poetry stands in equal footing, amongst that by stalwarts of modern Punjabi poetry, like Mohan Singh (poet) and Amrita Pritam, all of whom are popular on both sides of Indo-Pakistan border. His worked as a Poet, author and playwright in the Genres of poetry, prose and play on the Subjects of Pathos and passion. One of his anthologies, Alvida (Farewell) was published posthumously in 1974, by the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. 'Shiv Kumar Batalvi Award' for Best Writer, is given each year. He died on 6 May 1973 at the age of 35 in Kir Mangyal, Pathankot, India.

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